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breakdown cover

  1. European Breakdown Cover (over 10 year old vehicle) and possibly Insurance?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi there. Haven't posted on here for a while, but unfortunately never had much time in the van this past year or so. Next year we have booked for the Portsmouth - Bilbao ferry - Can't wait. Intention is to go to The Pyrenees and probably Andorra (and perhaps cross into France) and also to go...
  2. Breakdown assistance to cover 8 passengers

    General Van Chat
    Hi everyone, I have a 9 seat shuttle for the wife and seven kids, but i'm struggling to find breakdown cover that will actually acommodate everyone in the event of requiring onwards travel. Anyone got any experience or reccomendations. Getting a bit worried about taking all the extra weight to...
  3. Who's your European breakdown cover with?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys and Girls, As per title, who's your European breakdown cover with and how much? My UK cover is with the AA and they quoted me £189, which after umming a little they brought down to £168 which seemed more reasonable - whilst I appreciate recovery costs would be much more costly...
  4. Breakdown Cover

    General T4 Chat
    Whats the best and cheapest breakdown cover for a T4. Is it still classed as a commercial vehicle. The reason why I ask is that I thought i had broke down the other night (Wouldn't start on motorway services and i havent got breakdown cover) So i phoned the misses to go online and make us a...