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breaking vw t4 parts sale

  1. Breaking 1.9td

    Scrapheap Challenge
    I'm breaking a 1.9td T4. I used bits from the engine for my 2.4 diesel van that I did a 1.9tdi golf conversion for and also some of the sub frame. I'm driving up north (near York) from Bristol this saturday where it is located and coming back monday so can pick up any bits needed ad potentially...
  2. T4 Breaking or refurb.

    Scrapheap Challenge
    Hello I am selling my T4 after a prang which has written off my vehicle through the insurance under cat D. Pros I have just taxed and MOT'd her two months ago, I am the second owner with 166 on the clock the engine is mint, the gear box is fine and all the tires are very good. I have used her...
  3. Front dash heating controller

    Hi all I'm after a part for my t4 the arm had snapped behind the black front where you turn hot/ cold control knob. Tried very strong car body shop bonding stuff which didnt work so replacement now only option. Part number is 7D1 819 045L also has 90151-152/0000 on it. Anyone breaking an 02...
  4. breaking 51 plate ex refridgeration van

    Scrapheap Challenge
    no engine or gearbox but great starter project id be happy with £600 for the lot but willing to strip to make more from it. has rear barn doors in good nick fetching roughly £350 on ebay front window intact wings in good condition passenger side has small ding nothing serious. 2 great front...
  5. T4 parts to clear (box 4)

    Parts For Sale
    1 x pair of T4 front seatbelts.....£51 delivered..... 1 x pair if T4 middle row of seatbelts.....£46 delivered..... 1 x front grill badge been painted silver not the best.....£11 delivered..... 1 x rear tailgate badge painted silver not the best.....£11 delivered..... 1 x unused fuel filter...