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  1. Tunbridge wells / Hastings.. HELP

    General Van Chat
    Hello, My name is Anthony and this is a cry for help.. I was wondering if anyone handy on these vans lived near these areas could take a look at my van.. Im scared my fuel pump has broken, I need someone to help diagnose it for me. I can do most jobs, but this is out of my comfort zone.. I have...
  2. middle seat -seatbelt outer plastic cover

    In my Van interior i have lost one of the two plastic covers that fit around the female part of the seat belt clip, and the part i have is marked and worn , Ive searched the usual places but cant locate any , is anyone aware if they are available or would i need to but a full seat belt thanks
  3. What's this part?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a part from VW T5 (2008) 2,5 TDI 174HP. Gearbox - automatic AISIMWORDE NTF-60. Has anyone got problems like this? It broke just like that. I really don't know how the broken part is called. Anyone knows where can I see schemes of this gearbox?
  4. 180 bitdi broken egr cooler oil in water....

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All, Just to let you know that yesterday while filling up washer tank I noticed that expansion tank went from white to black! Opned it up and foung oil in it! :* Went to dealer who diagnosed a broken exchanger, that is inside the Egr block that is not sold separately, so new Egr and new...
  5. plastic slats of the upper tent: are broken at several points

    T5 Conversions
    Hi to hall! Inside the superior tent there are three plastic stats (sorry for my bad English, I hope you can understand what I mean). I'm sure that in the up side there are broken. On the left side now there is a little hole too, and in the front it is very evident that it presses outwardly. it...
  6. Odometer driving me mad - Broken Cog???? Advice appreciated

    Hi all, not sure if this should be posted in here as I think problem is more mechanical than electrical. My odometer has stopped working and its driving me mad. We have just had a new engine fitted (we had the engine fitted after the fault occurred) Speedo, clock, lights, temperature and all...
  7. EGR disaster

    Engine & Gearbox
    The other day I got an EGR blanking plate, and was soon out fitting it. Then I saw it had already been done. Damnit- no improvements to be made there then. But I thought maybe I could remove the EGR pipe entirely at some point and use the new plate to blank off the exhaust manifold end. Later...
  8. Broken rear spring

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, second thread on this forum. We are mid busking tour in our T4 and heard a rattling under the van over bumps, thought it was the knives and forks in the back, pulled over to find the coil spring had snapped on the rear passenger side and was hanging off the spring. After looking on the forum...
  9. Heater stuck on hot...

    General T4 Chat
    I know this topic has been covered a thousand times but I just would like to ask a few basic questions. I know the middle two vents blow ambient air temp to the cab, and I have checked to make sure that the cable is connected to the heater valve from the dash control and moving properly but I...
  10. Broken Sliding Window Clips - Latch Replacement

    Anyone know where I can track down one of these... It appears that the company who used to supply them is no longer trading...
  11. my t32 can't handle my kids

    New T5 Members Forum
    I got a 12 plate T32 Kombi new. I like outdoors stuff and have kids so it's great for flinging bikes boards etc in the back. However kids.. (8yrs and 6yrs boys ) are messy. They pee and smudge sweets on seats... any advice on back seat covers? Their friends mum can't reverse too well and bashed...
  12. Plastic interior parts required - door handle

    I've got a 2005 T5 and the interior plastic trim is not looking good. I'm after part number 7H0 867 179C, a plastic door handle component, which shattered after pulling the door hard recently. If anyone can recommend a supplier for various interior plastic components that would be great. I...
  13. Gearbox rattle and no fifth gear

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a 93 t4 with 222000 miles. I was driving it yesterday and I heard a little crunch and then rattling, the van now has no fifth gear and rattles in all other gears. Sounds like the gearbox to me. Any advice or previous problems?? Cheers
  14. abl gearbox engine mount lug broken

    Engine & Gearbox
    looking for some advice about my 1.9td . developed slight gearstick movement on lifting clutch which has now got worse , went for a look see and discovered the rear lug on the gearbox (for engine mount) has broken at the top :eek: is there a repair for this , thanks for any replys T:
  15. Broken handle on T5 rear single tilting seat. Help...

    Hi folks. Working my way through the niggles on my newly acquired Kombi. Next up: rear single tilting seat. The handle is missing, assumed broken off. Is his a regular fault? Is there a standard fix? And tips? Thanks :-) Tim
  16. Bought a T4

    General Van Chat
    i bought my first t4 last night, saw it on the ebay in north wales so decided to drive up last night after a few phone calls with the pleasant old fellow. it was a 2001 white panel van with 125K on the clock, it had a lot of work done on it recently, new engine rebuild, clutch, belts, filters...
  17. Bought a T4

    New T4 Members Forum
    i bought my first t4 last night, saw it on the ebay in north wales so decided to drive up last night after a few phone calls with the pleasant old fellow. it was a 2001 white panel van with 125K on the clock, it had a lot of work done on it recently, new engine rebuild, clutch, belts, filters...
  18. Windscreen blower fix?

    Hi guys, My windscreen blower has never worked, I can hear it, and the warm air does come into the van somehow but there is nothing blowing through the vent. I've no idea where to start looking - any ideas? Cheers.
  19. Help, Need a ABS control module

    Hi, I have a VW Transporter 2.5 LWB, 2008 I just bought the Van (private) I only had it two hours and an engine light came on, then a ABS as well as the red warding light. A day later and the speedo stopped working as well at the mileage guage. I have brought the van to a auto electrician...
  20. Clutch pedal Mount broken - In France....

    Engine & Gearbox
    i'm currently in france and my clutch pedal mount broke on my t4 ex aa 2002 2.5tdi i got towed to a garage and the mech happily welded it back up as a temp repair. all is well now (fingers crossed). whats the best way to get a part? how much is the part? is it easy to replace the part? what...