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  1. T Spotting
    Hi I have a bulb warning on my dash and when I indicate left it goes double time but everything appears to be working fine!! Am I missed something? Does something need reset? My right daytime running light was out and I changed that. Not sure if that’s related or not. Any suggestions gratefully...
  2. Electrical
    Hello all Looking for some advice. I have a 2010 5.1 and would like to upgrade the headlights. I like the idea of the DRL Light bar headlights but at the moment they are cost prohibitive. I've seen these...
  3. Electrical
    Hi all, I have tackled a few electrical jobs on my 2nd hand t5 2009, and am 1/2 way through fitting the reversing camera. Its the number plate version of the camera off ebay. I stripped down the barn door to find a hole had already been drilled for the camera, so someone had fitted and removed...
  4. General Van Chat
    Bought for a project, cost £20, fitted for 5 mins, changed my mind. I: 3 cars, a van and a motorbike in my household are all H4 :bhd Free to anyone who can make use of them. PM me your details.
  5. Electrical
    Very confused about lights. I want to get more light on dipped beam with a 2013 5.1. Main beam is fine but I can't see in traffic. Probably my eyes but can anyone explain which bulb I should be looking for as a simple replacement? Apologies for being so stupid. Thanks for any advice.
  6. General T5 Technical
    We are new to the v dub world and we r loving it. My question is What headlight bulbs do people recommend for a 2005 t5 as it's winter and the dark nights Are drawing in, and our light are like 2 candles in the wind.
  7. Electrical
    Hi guys. ( and gals ). I have a 2009 T5 Caravelle and want some advice on what bulbs to fit to improve the light output on both dipped and main beam. Are nightbreakers best? Or Philips bulbs? I'm looking for the brightest whitest light? Do I need to purchase a new uprated loom to use these...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Upgraded my headlight loom and bulbs, so have a pair of working standard T4 bulbs for sale. £8 delivered.
  9. Electrical
    I seem to have lost all dash illumination on my T4:( No dash, heater control or cigarette lighter Pulled out and checked every fuse in the fuse box - found 3 x broken ones, which I've replaced and the only result being my central locking now works properlyLOL: Other than all the bulbs...
  10. Electrical
    ok my alternator warning lamp bulb blew and i lost alternator output, am i right in thinking these are 12v 2 watt bulbs or are they some fancy led type and can you get these from most motorfactors or vw only. i have the early 2.4 instrument panel with the lamp held in by 2 long wire strands and...
  11. Electrical
    Hope someone can point me to an answer here.. Just bought a '99 T4 with the later shape front, whilst driving her back home it got dark and I noticed how poor the headlamps lit the road. With oncoming traffic on a country lane I started to think that the headlamp bulbs were bloody awful and...
  12. Electrical
    Hello Just collected my van last weekend and I noticed that the smoked rear indicators are white and not the standard orange. Does anyone know the legality of what colour do my indicators need to be? Im wondering if I need to swap to orange bulbs, and if so which ones thanks irishkeet:D
1-12 of 13 Results