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bulkhead removal

  1. Bulkhead / Bulkhead Frame Removal

    General T5 Chat
    For those of you wanting to remove the bulkhead / bulkhead frame and trim. This is how you can do it. The bulkhead itself is held in place with nuts and can easily be removed without any need to remove trim or the need for special tools. The frame however needs a little more work but with the...
  2. Seat belt removal

    Hi, Can anyone talk me through how to remove the seatbelts and remove A&B pillar trims so that I can remove the rest of the bulk head flange. I've done the floor section with a junior hacksaw and pliers. Despite being very nervous, having read a lot of threads on here, it was easier than...
  3. Valet van to camper build.

    T4 Conversions
    So the journey begins! Me and my girlfriend have just purchased this beautiful w reg vw t4 with 62000 on the clock! It was originally owned by a chap who done car valeting so he kept a pressure washer inside so there is some surface rust work to be done inside. The plan is for it to end up...
  4. Do I or not?

    T4 Conversions
    Remove the bulkhead? At the moment I have a bench seat in the front and so access from front to back is not an issue. I am wondering if others have removed the bulkhead to gain access to storage underneath the seats, or if this is just creating work for myself. If I keep it I will just carpet...
  5. Removing the Bulkhead

    In my T4 800 Special there is a half bulkhead...which I REALLY dont want and want that to be the first job and get it out asap! Could anybody please give me some guidance on how to remove it! Thanks Bradley! T:
  6. The Green Geko Camper Build

    The Workshop
    Hi there, this is my van The Green Geko It's an ex green flag van, which I bought in March 07, after I got water in the engine of my last car a Seat Cordoba, always being in to my German cars. I looked for ages and it seamed all over the country, all the good T4's seamed to be down south or...
  7. Half Bulkhead Removal Tips !..

    General Van Chat
    Just about to embark on removing the half bulkhead in my SWB T4 , any top tips ?.... i was just going to cut it out with a slitter disc as thought would be impossible to drill all welds without going through van body...any advise / experiences welcomed.