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  1. Motexion Bulkhead - Removal - Help!

    Hi, Recently bought a T5 which has a Motexion bulkhead already installed behind the front seats - I'm planing to convert so would like to remove it, however I can't for the life of me see how it's fitted. I've taken the passenger seats out to have a look behind and see what's what but I'm...
  2. Plastic threshold covers from a T5 or other van?

    Would the plastic threshold covers (bulkhead and barn door) from a T5 or other van fit into a T4? They seem to be a bit cheaper to buy so was hoping i could screw them in with maybe a little fitting adjustment with a stanley knife if needed...?
  3. Bulkhead / Bulkhead Frame Removal

    General T5 Chat
    For those of you wanting to remove the bulkhead / bulkhead frame and trim. This is how you can do it. The bulkhead itself is held in place with nuts and can easily be removed without any need to remove trim or the need for special tools. The frame however needs a little more work but with the...
  4. T5 bulkhead with window

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    As per the title I just removed the bulkhead from my 2014 T5. It has a window in the top half, is completely bolt on/off and comes with all the required nuts too. Pretty immaculate apart from a few dog hairs from the previous owner but I'll clean it for you :) Collection from Bolton or I may be...
  5. Bulkhead legroom - help please!

    Hi, I have a t5 with a standard solid bulkhead in it. Haven't had the van too long but noticed when buying it that the seat wouldn't go back as far as I would like it. Didn't think anything of it but have recently noticed I am getting really bad pains in my right leg when driving distances from...
  6. Options For Cover

    Hi. I'm interested in options for covering the b-pillar area where the seat belts hang from. The bulkhead in my T4 was removed by a bunch of bodgers and they left bits of sharp metal exposed. What are the options for covering the whole B-pillar area? Are there replacement pieces that can be...
  7. Bott Bulkhead

    In my last T4 I had a full bulkhead that I believe was made by Bott. I sold the van with it in but really could do with another for my latest T4, does anyone have one like the one pictured below? Cheers, Dave T:
  8. Wiring under front seats

    Hi all, Can anyone advise me please. If I disconnect the wiring under my front seats (T5) Do I have to disconnect the battery first? I'm about to attempt the removal of that dreaded bulkhead fixing on the floor and every thread I've read says, remove front seats to create more working space...
  9. T5 bulkhead, what to do??

    Hi, ive had my van for a few months now but it came from the factory with no bulkhead, but with the folding passenger seat option. Does any1 know if its possible to get hold of a bulkhead that will fit the flip down seat so that way im gaining a bit extra space for the drivers seat?! I know the...
  10. T5 kombi half bulkhead such thing?

    General T5 Technical
    Hi Iv just bought a kombi van, on the weekends i cArry bikes so in need of a lower half bulkhead, anyone know where i can get such a thing or can you just install half a genuine one maybe? Any help would be great Many thanks
  11. Bulkhead frame removal

    Hi all. I'm sure there are other posts about bulkhead frames (macuk has an exceptional build thread). However, I just wanted to add my bit... I have today removed my bulkhead frames, hard work but satisfying now it's done. Some advice for any other members planning on doing this: Don't bother...

    Parts For Sale
    VW T4 MESH PARTITION BULKHEAD LOAD SEPARATOR. I bought this of ebay a while ago to use in my t4 but changed my plans. I payed £50 for it so if anybody want to pay me the same you can have it before i put it back on ebay. I payed about £15 for delivery so can do the same. This is the origanal...
  13. Reduce Noise of Bulkhead Rattling

    Hi Everyone. Can anyone give me any ideas on reducing the noise of a full bulkhead rattling when driving? Starting to do my nut in. All bolts are tight and fitted properly. Thanks
  14. KOMBI bulkhead

    General T5 Chat
    Hi folks, Can anyone confirm if the standard VW Motexion bulkhead will fit behind the rear seats in a LWB Kombi. I don't want to buy one to find it doesn't fit! Martyn
  15. Anyone need a VW T5 bulkhead?

    We've recently converted out VW T5 2010 panel van into a camper. Therefore we have the black metal bulkhead, which comes in two parts if anyone is interested. Free to whoever collects. We are in Stoke Bishop, Bristol. Very good condition. We also have the original plastic door steps (sliding...
  16. quick release bulkhead

    T5 Conversions
    Hello, Im new to this forum but I have a specific question re bulkheads on new T5's. I am planning on getting one of these fairly soon for my work as a spark. However I also want to use if for occasional camping and in that case I would like to remove the metal bulkhead. How feasible is this on...
  17. Just joined

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, just joined this forum. have a T5 Kombi which I use for work and play. I've fitted a VW bulkhead to reduce noise etc, and would now like to cut a "door" to allow my kayak to fit through. I don't want to put it on the roof because I do overnights etc and want it out of sight. I'm looking...
  18. T5 Bulkhead cable route for Split Charge and Hookup

    Hi, What is the best route for my Autosparks split charge system & my 240v hookup (to be mounted in front fog light unit) to go through the engine bulkhead? The hole for the bonnet release cable does not look big enough to all fit in. There is another hole on the passenger side which emerges...
  19. Removing the Bulkhead

    In my T4 800 Special there is a half bulkhead...which I REALLY dont want and want that to be the first job and get it out asap! Could anybody please give me some guidance on how to remove it! Thanks Bradley! T:
  20. T5 Full OEM Bulkhead £50

    Parts For Sale
    Full height VW T5 OEM Bulkhead for sale. Almost pristine condition. Located near Newbury. £50 cash on collection. Anyone interested? Cheers.