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  1. T5 Conversions
    Looking to buy a converted T5. Am reasonably OK with a spanner and hammer and would have probably gone for a DIY conversion but I want it now. Anyway, I have a couple of T5s to look at this weekend. Both are new/newish conversions with nothing to fancy and no pop top. Also, both vans are very...
  2. General Technical
    Hi, I own an N reg jan 1996 T4 2.0 petrol and am trying to buy an exhaust system for it. I need to know if mine is the last of the old or the first of the newer t4s???? I dont have alot of knowledge on T4s and was wondering if mine was the older 1990-1995 varient as i dont have electronic dash...
  3. General Van Chat
    I've seen a couple for sale, they have a decal on the front wing with 'Multyvan' - yes that is the spelling! What are they? Who converted them?
  4. General T4 Chat
    Was just driving along with my Dad today (not in the van) and he said that my beloved T4 (just got it 3 weeks ago) is not worth spending money on. He said it's "Not a good vehicle" Obviously I disagreed, it's an N reg but has only 96,000 miles on the clock and a tiny bit of rust which I'm going...
  5. General Van Chat
    So Harley my 19 year old, has decided he wants a T4, so looking for some advice, big issue is insurance and what engine do we look for i've only had 2.5's and a VR6, my knowledge on 1.9s/2.4's and any other for a 19 year old is zilch, this needs to be a daily driver with a bit of umph to get to...
  6. General T4 Chat
    I am looking at a T4 camper advertised and it says it is a 2.5TDi Automatic 130bhp 2003 model. Is the bhp quoted correct?
  7. T4 Articles & Information
    T4's Look The Same - Could You Spot The Differences ? External Changes T4a January 1990 to December 1995 (upto VIN T_199000) All T4a's have a Short Nose 1990 to 1993 3-piece front panel, small angular bumpers - the rear bumper being in three sections... ... and the VW emblem is just under...
  8. T5 Articles & Information
    Volkswagen TranSporter Van Range : MASS TRANSPORT SYSTEM Expert Rating: People Who Bemoan The Volkswagen Transporters Nondescript Styling Are Missing The Point. This is A Van With A Lot Going For It; One That Will Stand The Test Of Time. Steve Walker Reports Through a miraculous feat of...
  9. General Van Chat
    Been told the best T4 2 get is an 04 plate the last of them,as the early T5 had some problems,like gear box ect,but then the T5 engine sounds better than the T4,as it does away with the timing belts ect ive got about £7,000 to spend so i am asking for advice as i want the van 2 last a good few...
  10. VW Warranty / Technical Articles
    The 17 digit chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) was introduced in 1982 and applies to all vehicles built - and sold - in the European "home" market, which includes the UK. Vehicles built - and sold - elsewhere may have different codes. A typical T4 VIN number is WV1 ZZZ 70 Z...
  11. T4 DOKA Garage
    I found this on a German site, i like the look of it, a little steep, but these prices are probably a little old: http://www.stahl-exclusiv.de/index2.htm
  12. General T4 Chat
    i was wondering if anyone could tell me the age of my van roughly?? lets see who gets it right sorry about the image quality it was taken on my phone, first one to guess gets a Rasp:
  13. Technical Articles
    The T4 Types The WV1 Panel Van chassis, a Light Duty Goods Vehicle without seat fixing points in the floor and upper seat belt mounting points (although the holes are cut out there are no threaded captive nuts for the seat belt bolts) The WV2 Window Van chassis, a Passenger Vehicle with...
  14. T4 Conversions
    As requested, a sticky thread for the discussion of Safety issues that concern Self Build Campers and Vans. Such as Crash Tested Vs Non Crash Tested products. Your views from either side of the fence (or sitting on it) are welcome here T:
  15. T5 Articles & Information
    Hi, Apart from the gross vehicle weight, what are the differences between the models t26, t28, t30, t32 vans????:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  16. T5 Articles & Information
    Hi, So I've found a van for the right price. The Thing is it has twin doors on the back... I want to convert this van as a camper and was thinking that the tailgate would be more useful to protect contents in the rear from the rain (it rains alot and I currently get wet standing at the rear of...
  17. General T4 Chat
    Just been having a look on autotrader as my van is now 10 years old and im thinking of a new one. BUT i FOUND A 2004 T4 AND A 2003 T5???:confused: I thought the last t4 was 2003 and first t5 2004 Can anyone clarify. I wish they had made t4s later- i really prefer them to the t5:(
  18. General T4 Chat
    why is it all the standard t4 vans seem overpriced? been looking all over for my first t4 but the price's are ridiculous. now don't get me wrong i absolutely adore the t4 but anyone who has a standard t4 van up for sale seems to push the price up because it'll make a good surf van. i'm thinking...
  19. General Van Chat
    so what is the 800 special? that's what i have got, and am still trying to work out what is special about it ,**** all at the moment :)
  20. Technical Articles
    Late, 2000 on, T4's and all T5's (petrol and diesel models) could be set to have either Variable or Time and Distance servicing regimes. By now most T4's will have "defaulted" to Time and Distance or Annual servicing, which has always been best for low to average mileage vehicles, as...
1-20 of 46 Results