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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hey Guys, I bought a T5 the other week, started stripping it out for my own conversion. I noticed there is damp soil under the back edge of the rubber floor mats of the cab. This weekend I plan on stripping out my front seats and the flooring to make sure it is all clean and dry, I have bought...
  2. New T4 Members Forum
    Hello just making a first hello as a newbie on here!! been using the site as a wicked reference for my T4 conversion! i have a 1995 diesel yellow t4 and recently converted her to a camper. wondered if i could get any tips on the fan system in the drivers side? drove it over the weekend and it...
  3. VAG Parts For Sale
    Original Cab mat for sale. A few minor tears and general wear, but pretty good condition overall. Would benefit from pressure washing. £20 (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area. Could fold and possibly arrange to post out.
  4. FREE Stuff
    Double cab seat in inca fabric - pretty good condition. Collect - Arbroath. Cheers.
  5. FREE Stuff
    Double cab seat in inca fabric - pretty good condition. Collect - Arbroath. Cheers.
  6. Interior
    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me, I recently purchased a van which has had the bulk head removed. I've been looking at buying B pillar interior trim to cover up and make good. Before making the purchase I want to be sure it will give a completed look to the van. The part which...
  7. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi folks I've bought a new door seal from Just Kampers to replace the original that has split at the front top corner and is letting water & wind in. Having had a look at the way it's installed it looks like I will have to remove or at least detach some of the interior trim around the door...
  8. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Completely new to this, my first post so forgive me if ive posted this in a thread dedicated to T5 engine problems or something.... Im only a young whipper snapper, currently converting the cab of my T4. Ive managed to spray my dash and door cards a lovely matt black, now in the process of...
  9. Wanted
    I'm after a rubber cab mat for a T4 in good condition with no tears as my carpet is knackered. If anybody has one please let me know. Many thanks Dave
  10. Wanted
    In need of a new cab rubber mat is anybody has one going that's in good nick can u pls PM me. thx D
  11. Wanted
    I've just taken my mat out as it's soaking wet and the foam is smelly so I'm going to need a new one with no tears and in good nick. That or a a front cab caravelle carpet would be sweet. If anyone has one please let me know thx Dave
  12. Interior
    So we have nearly finished our conversion but now that the weather has heated up it's started to smell a bit :eek: Everything has been cleaned including doing an air-con clean, turns out is the floor. I've lifted a bit of it and the foam backing smells pretty diesely, I guessed this was not...
  13. Electrical
    Hi All I got a bit of a bargain on fleabay the other day. Cab light upgrade with map light and delay for just 99pT:. Result. When it came to wiring it up it had four wires and where as my one only had three. A quick search of the forum showed that this wasn't a problem and a couple...
1-13 of 14 Results