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  1. VW T5 and ABS issues

    Getting the ABS and stability light coming on when the sterreing is on full lock, then randomely goes out. Scanned the fault codes and directed to left front wheel ABS fault. So changed the speed sensor, no joy, then replaced the plug and a short length of cable, still no joy. My question is it...
  2. Sterling B2B charger and leisure battery

    Hey all, currently fitting leisure battery and sterling battery to battery charger to my T5; found loads of helpful advice on here...but can't find out a couple of things so was wondering if anyone could help? 1) the sterling charger has 2 temp sensor cables to run to starter battery and...
  3. Hiding a web of cables

    T5 Conversions
    hey guys, Starting to strip out my T5 this weekend, its a 56 plate panel van. I am a technician by trade and have a background in rotary wing. I plan on doing a lot of the work myself. Before I consider lining my van I want to put down as many of the cables that will need to run through the...
  4. Rear Heated Window Cables

    One of my heated rear window connections has become disconnected and the cable was pulled back into the rear tailgate door frame. I can't locate it anywhere or can't get anything into the door frame to grab it - don't even know how far back it's gone. Is there any trickery to get it back out...
  5. Running cables to the engine bay

    Evening! Just wondering what the best way to wire a split charge cable from the engine bay to the split charge unit is on a T5? Also, where is the best place to put the split charge unit? it's the 140amp one from xtremevan (autosparx) with light switch... Cheers!
  6. Getting speaker wires into the back.

    OK, All the panels are off the inside of my van, and before I insulate it I wan't to run some speaker cable into the rear so when I come to install a phat system I don't have to take them off again (planning eh?) I can't see though how I'd run cables from the stereo to the back? Any ideas...