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  1. Interior
    Hi all, I have recently become the owner of a t4 800 special 1998 SWB with tailgate and passenger side sliding door. I'm looking to replace the ply lining in the back of it as it's not original and was done very roughly. Ideally I was wondering if anyone has dxf / CAD files for the original...
  2. General T5 Technical
    Hey guys, gals, First post on here so please accept my apologies if this is in the wrong place or covered before, I've just bought our first T5.1T:! Iam looking to convert myself and am now spending a lot of time researching various install options avalible as iam on a tight budget. Basically...
  3. Customising / Modding
    Hi, anyone know where i can find some accurate 1:1 interior plans of the base level T5 so i can plan out some option. What i'm really after is an interior plan view of the van with the 6x floor mounted strapping points accurately located. But some side and rear elevations would be a plus! .DWG...
  4. General T5 Chat
    Hi, Does anybody have a 3d model of a T5 van by any chance?? iges / step / stl file/solidworks/powershape ... etc. ? Thanks!
1-4 of 5 Results