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  1. Interior
    Good evening all, I am wondering whether anyone had come across the same issue I am facing. I have just fitted an interior single tailgate pull handle inside my T4 Westfalia, however, the grey interior doorcard does not have a hole for the handle, nor does it have any marking on the inside to...
  2. Customising / Modding
    Hello all. I have a very specific question regarding the two seater California rear seats. I am in the early stages of considering changing my Kombi seats to a two seater Calfornia seat on rails. I have a home conversion on the passenger side of my van. Q: What I need to know is what is the...
  3. Vans For Sale
    SWB panel van - 3 seat day van conversion. This tidy T30 "Panel van" has an unusual right hand door (California style, but apparently just how it was specced by the fist owner). 2.5L R5 engine. 6 Speed 130bhp . It has had the "standard" 2.5L T5 issues dealt with: new Turbo and vacuum...
  4. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Greetings! I'm new to the forum. I have a 99 California Westfalia Camper (Left Hand Drive). I've moved from France, and need to get it registered/MOT'ed in the UK. It has high mileage and needs work. Wondering whether it might be better to sell it on to a new owner with a passion for fixers up...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Selling the multiflex board which came with our 4 seat 2014 t5.1 California Beach. It’s the one that doesn’t hinge in the middle and fits the full width of the van. Heavy duty board and metal frame. Fits the California and Caravelle floor rail system. Good condition. £100, Bristol.
  6. T4 Syncro Garage
    We were camped next this fine beast at Busfest owned by the fantastic Bert from Belgium. How many more of these are there about. I have seen Cali Clubs in Syncro but only ever this one as an Exclusive.
  7. Vans For Sale
    Key Facts Panel Van Transporter cab SWB 2009 (09 reg) Manual Diesel 69,500 miles Converted campervan with double bed, fully insulated and sound deadened panels, carpeted, soft waterproof flooring, swivel aftermarket captain seats, spare battery with split charge system, lighting upgrade, van...
  8. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I am new to the forum and have done many hours of research looking for ideas as I am about to start converting my vw transporter t5. I am starting with the insulation and have seen many entries relating to this and many conflicting statements. I had more or less decided to use thermoliner...
  9. General T5 Chat
    As above - does anyone have any experience doing this? Tips and tricks? Tutorial? Ideally even a YouTube video? I want to get it powder coated but worried that I start trying to take it apart I won't be able to put it back together. There is also the very high probability that I will fail in my...
  10. T5 Conversions
    I want to mount an original Cali awning rail on my T5.2 Multivan. Is there any difference between the left side rail (7H7 875 311) and right side rail (7H7 875 312). Are they interchangeable? Suppose not, since part part numbers differ. Anyone who has experience?
  11. Interior
    Hi, I'm hoping some one can advise me on where i could find a replacement part for a 98 VW T4 Westfalia California. Me and a few friends recently rented this camper and unfortunately the camper suffered a little damage to the plastic surround which is below the rear seats, please see the...
  12. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, As the title suggest I'm french, living in France, near La Rochelle. I: I like to use the DIY way, as far as possible. I discovered the VW camper's world in 1990 when I bought a 1982's T3 wanagon (1.6D 50Hp!). But, due to its big mileage (300,000km) I encountered so many (and costly)...
  13. New T5 Members Forum
    Just acquired a beautiful limited edition 25 caravelle in while with black trim. It really has to have a black Cali type cycle rack, but these were limited edition too. I'm not sure if the timing coincided with the release of my edition 25 but it certainly matches the spec. Anybody got one I...
  14. New T5 Members Forum
    My California is in for a routine service and I've been told the driveshaft is extremely worn. It's only done 53k miles. How much should this cost to repair and is this a known issue with this model? I've been quoted £800 by local Bristol specialist (Not VW Heritage)
  15. T5 Conversions
    I have seen the great single bunks for T5 which go between the windowsills but I need to add two kids' beds. Anyone seen anything that might do it?
  16. Wanted
    a long shot I know but I am also looking for a Cali bike rack for t5.1 if anyone wants to get rid of one.
  17. Team Red
    Yo! I've been firmly camped in team Blue for a few years now but I've gone and got me a red one now. A lovely California Exclusive with all the bits and bobs. I don't want to fiddle with this one too much like my other one. T4 California by Matt Wilde, on Flickr
  18. Vans For Sale
    1999 T4 LHD California Westfalia 2.5 TDI This van is Left Hand Drive The California Holiday is over so I'm selling... my latest T4 :( Taking offers around £16500 105,000 miles Considerable service history including manuals Bodywork in extremely good condition Internally in very good original...
  19. Team Silver
    Hello, I am Christian from Münster/ Germany. I like reading this english forum, because there are many ideas and solutions by the english T5-community. There is this special "british van style", that is different from the German style of customization ;-) For example, there is nearly nobody...
1-20 of 48 Results