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  1. Brakes
    Anybody got a good web address/ anyone they recommend to get new calipers from? Have come across this company Energised customs selling calipers for £45. My questions is should we stick to recognised makes like pagid but pay double at places like eurocarparts? Any help would be great! Cheers all
  2. Brakes
    I need to replace the rear disc and pads on my T5.1 59 plate, will this tool https://www.amazon.co.uk/CALIPER-PISTON-REWIND-HANDED-UNIVERSAL/dp/B016BBA7B8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1530897000&sr=8-2&keywords=caliper+rewind+tool do the job or is it too cheap. If no good, any advice please would be...
  3. Brakes
    so much discussion on what to use for greasing caliper pins, have arrived at the conclusion and was recommended silicone WITH PTFE grease. Silicone is good in the presence of rubber seals on calipers & the high temps but doesn't have the load characteristics required which the PTFE content...
  4. Brakes
    Hello. I am new to this forum, and new to brake repair, so this might be a newb thread. I've searched your lovely forum, but alas (maybe my english is lacking) i have not been able to find an answer to my question. I hope you will excuse me, if i'm not quite able to come up with the correct...
  5. General Van Chat
    Hi all. I have some caliper issues on my 20001 tdi 2:5 just put new discs and pads on but after much cleaning it is still binding slightly. Can I remove the ant squeal shim from the new pads to give me the 1mm I need for them to fit better without effecting braking. Cheers
  6. Wanted
    Managed to get hold of two rear trailing arms but one of them is missing the carrier caliper and the two bolts that it is attached with. If anybody has one they would like to sell me I would really appreciate it. Thanks Dave
  7. General T5 Chat
    Nice big callies on the T5, they need to stand out. Cracking paint job, look perfect. Pics don't do it justice. T:
  8. Brakes
    'lo peeps. Just a quick question to find out what I might have missed. The front right brake on my M reg. T4 Caravelle is binding. The disc and pads (farily new) look evenly worn. I took off the caliper and cleaned, smoothed with fine emery paper and greased before refitting. The piston moves...
  9. Brakes
    Right so i have had a metallic sounding rattle coming from the rear passenger wheel for a while. This can be heard inside the van and even louder from outside the van. Took it to the garage the other day and my mate said that all the bushings and shocks and springs are all fine, even took a look...
  10. Brakes
    Just been out to change the rear pads on my 1.9td, as i noticed that the rear drivers disk has not been working properly as i could see rust marks that were staying when all other disks were being rubbed clean with use. i managed to get the old pads out and just about got the new ones in place...
  11. Brakes
    I currently have a '95 2.4d with standard disc front/drums rear I need to replace the front caliper, and I'd planned on upgrading the brakes anyhow in due course ahead of my planned turbo conversion. So after some googling, I see the biggest discs fitted on T4's were 313mm on VR6 and 150bhp TDi...
  12. Brakes
    Hi folks, first post by a new member. I recently changed vans, 1999 T4 to 2006 T5, both 1.9's LWB. When I test drove the new van I noticed a lot of brake judder and on closer inspection found the front disks to be very worn and almost certainly warped, did a bit of haggling with the seller and...
1-12 of 12 Results