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  1. General T5 Technical
    Someone help! I have some serious negative camber problems with my van the left rear is more 3 degrees out and the right is -1.5. this vehicle is still under warranty the the main dealers are trying their best to tell me its ok even though its getting through tyres at a alerting rate.The van...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Hi, we are looking to get our van Betsy driving straight. She is lowered front on the torsion beams, and standard at the rear. Has 16" alloys fitted with 205/55 16 (straight off an Audi a4 estate). We are looking for someone who has decent equipment and experience in T4 in the Bromsgrove (North...
  3. Steering & Suspension
    ok assuming I have either just fitted new ball joints or lower/raised my velle, Im aware that the camber needs to be adjusted/checked... the camber is adjusted by slackening the top ball joint nut then the bolt on the adjuster, then the adjuster is turned to suit...etc what i need to know is ...
  4. Steering & Suspension
    Need a bit of advice. Just fitted new shocks, ball joints, track rod ends, drop links and outer cv joints. The wheels are sat quite far in at the bottom (positive camber is it) ive had a go at adjusting the slider to the extremes but its still sat in at the bottom of the wheel. Has anyone else...
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    hi where in south wales can i get the camber adjusted on the front wheels cheer,s
  6. Steering & Suspension
    hi all, have ordered my -60mm springs from t4sRus and planning on doin it this week.. BUT.. ive still got standard 15" wheels on at mo and was goin to get the camber done. but when i get some 18" alloys on will i have to get camber done again??? And does anyone know where i can get camber...
1-6 of 6 Results