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camper build

  1. Newbie with new project

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi! I'm an Englishman living in Sweden and I adore this forum. I bought a 'Shuttle' at the beginning of the summer with plans to convert or partially convert it to use as a camper van. I love it and spend hours at the moment gazing at busses on Instagram, Pinterest and this forum trying to find...
  2. Returning Member - back in the game!

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello all; I just wanted to say hello - I can't seem to log in with my old details, as I haven't logged on for a couple of years since I sold my last T5! My last van was my pride and joy and I spent a fortune on it... I am happy to say that I have just bought a new (actually pretty old, but...
  3. LWB T5 Camper Conversion on Twitter!

    General T5 Chat
    Hello! We are documenting the conversion of our white 57 plate LWB T5 on Twitter. Just wondered if anyone else out there is doing this? Would love to get some more van friends following us www.twitter.com/camperplan @camperplan Here's where we are up to with our conversion: Next up is...
  4. My T4 Ongoing Project

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi everyone :0 , i came on this site 6 weeks ago when i first bought my T4 . She has been in the garage since then and i just got here out last friday . Since then i have started converting her to a camper . I have put insulation in and floor boards . I have gave her a good clean and today i...
  5. Valet van to camper build.

    T4 Conversions
    So the journey begins! Me and my girlfriend have just purchased this beautiful w reg vw t4 with 62000 on the clock! It was originally owned by a chap who done car valeting so he kept a pressure washer inside so there is some surface rust work to be done inside. The plan is for it to end up...
  6. Advice needed on T4/5

    General Van Chat
    Hi guys.. My dad has just received inheritance and has a bit of money to spend. He has his eyes set on a VW. He's been keeping his eye on gumtree/ebay for the last few days, looking at converted vans. Now, here's where I need advice.. He's got around £10,000 to spend, looking for a relatively...
  7. 1st timer attempts Mt. Everest!

    LWB Garage (All Versions)
    My LWB Build thread. Lots of photos. Team White. Right, like many I have had dreams of creation and pottering to produce a master piece. I have sold my soul and dived into the world of VW T5. My wish list: LWB Tailgate 1.9 Engine What I got: LWB Tailgate 1.9 Engine White The first photos...
  8. Unit templates for campervan?

    Hi, Is their such thing as a template for campervan units? I'm exploring different ways of getting units rather than buying the ready to fit type! Cheers, Chris
  9. The Green Geko Camper Build

    The Workshop
    Hi there, this is my van The Green Geko It's an ex green flag van, which I bought in March 07, after I got water in the engine of my last car a Seat Cordoba, always being in to my German cars. I looked for ages and it seamed all over the country, all the good T4's seamed to be down south or...
  10. General Camper wiring

    Technical Articles
    VERY IMPORTANT!! I was happy to place the various components in their locations, but I was NOT happy to wire it all together. I employed a local auto electrician to wire it all up. (See the links tab, mechanical for the name of the company that wired my van.) That way it was done properly. If...