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camper jam

  1. Rock'n'Roll Bed

    Hi guys, Ive just put in an order for an R'n'R from a company that's recently come into this field Janus Fabrications in Telford {Link}, i have seen their work and will report back on the bed when I take delivery. They will be attending the Camper Jam at Weston Park.
  2. Shows in 2012 - Camper Jam etc

    Winter is coming.... so better to think of what we do when the weather gets nicer! Who's up for going to some shows en masse next year? I think it could work well if we organise ourselves :eek: so that we can camp together for any shows we're going to - surely this is the obvious place to...
  3. New member - Pembrokeshire, South West Wales.

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all I just got into the Forum bought our Ex AA van last Christmas and spent lots of time making it into a camper as in Sept my and my wife to be are getting married and going on a 3500 mile honeymoon! We had been to some shows this year we started off with Volksworld show it was amazing! but...