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cannons forge rock roll

  1. Customised T4 Captain Seats and Full Width Bed - Black with Green Trim

    Parts For Sale
    My pride and joy got trashed on the Autobahn last month and my new van is completely different colour so reluctantly selling my customised seats :( The front seats were finished about 3 months ago, and the bed literally a week before the crash (it only got slept in one night!). They're a black...
  2. Cannon's forge bed, great condition

    eBay Listings
    Rock and roll bed for VW T5 transporter - 3/4 rock n roll pull out bed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321130817990
  3. Credit to Cannon's Forge

    General T5 Chat
    Needed to add seat belts to our bed that we had fitted previous. Ordered with Dave Wednesday knock on the door Thursday postman with the belts, how dealing with companies should be, perfect thanks for the first class service
  4. Cannons Forge Full Width Rock'n'Roll Bed

    Parts For Sale
    I have decided to take the plunge and revamp the interior of our T4. Therefore i am selling our Cannons Forge full width bed as we are changing to a 3/4 width to get units along the side. Its roughly two years old and very comfortable. The grey covers are made from a durable grey suede effect...
  5. Cannon Forge full width Rock and Roll bed

    Life Style
    Sorry this bed is now sold! Hi All! I'm selling my full width VW t5 Cannon Forge Rock and Roll Bed. It's about 18 months old, works perfectly and comes complete with the foam cushions finished in Volkswagen Grey Inca and also comes with three seat belts attached (two full ones and one...
  6. Hi everybody, another newbie

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, my name is Del and im another newbie on here I will be after a T5 in the furture once I have finished off my to custom scooters. I hope I can be of help to, as I own Foam Wizards Ltd. in stourbridge and a few members on here have been into see me this is why I am after a T5 I have...
  7. Dave At Cannons Forge!

    General T4 Chat
    To everyone looking for a rock and roll bed look no further then these guys! i rang them up Monday and spoke to the lady she said they were very busy, all i wanted was some prices and samples of matierals they do she took my address and by 12 o clock tuesday morning they were here! Fantastic...
  8. R & R Bed/Seat Combo

    T4 Conversions
    Hey folks, just picked up my first T4, getting to know the site so sorry if this is elsewhere but anyone got any advice on a three seater (with seatbelts) folding bed. Have been looking at the Cannon's Forge example just wondering if there were others? Looking for a standalone unit thats not too...
  9. Cannons Forge - Credit where its due!

    General Van Chat
    Have to big up the guys at Cannons Forge.... Im one of those blokes who cant just order something and sit bsck, i have to be on the phone, checking this and that every 5 mins! But then its a big old spend so i need to be sure! Anyway, they delivered ON TIME, UNDER BUDGET and to my EXACT spec...