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  1. How much engine oil do I need - 2.4d

    General Technical
    Hi Just about to service the van and I don't know how much oil to put back in!!! Should really have sorted this before I went and bought all the bits. Van is a late '95 2.4d. Changing the filer aswell........ Can anyone help?? :* please...... T: Dave
  2. 44 kW / 60 HP T4, can it be enough?

    General Van Chat
    Hi! Im looking to get a used T4 to travel Europe with, and eventually use the van to move my stuff to anywhere in Europe, perhaps from Holland to Portugal can 44kw/60HP t4 do the job.... I am thinking mountains of the pyrenees and possibly an extra (small) trailer...? thanks
  3. Oil capacity and Weight for 2.0ltr Petrol?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, i am new on the forum and am located in Australia. I have searched the forum high and low and cannot for the life of me find out how much oil to put in a 2ltr petrol t4 95 model, and also what a good weight would be to put in it? Any help would be much appreciated!!!