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  1. Interior
    Hi Guys, I know this is a bit of a strange one, as most people are going the other way around. But 2 adults and 3 kids, in a camper conversion means I need a double in the front (which kinda sucks as I love the 2 captains and the middle space), but anyway... So I'm removing my swivel captain...
  2. Wanted
    Hi all Looking for driver and passenger captain swivel seats in cheyenne anthracite. Currently have driver seat and double passenger (swivel) both in inca. Happy to buy or trade. Thanks Matthias
  3. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Having seen the light and moved on from my T2 obsession and bought a T4 camper I would like to know if changing a single captains chair to a swivel bench seat is as easy as moving the base over on the chassis and swapping seats. probably isn't but who knows? cheers
  4. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi I've just purchased two captains chairs for my 08 t5. Firstly how do you remove the bench seat and secondly I'm assuming I need to purchase a single base for the passenger side? Will a new base fit directly on the existing bolts?? Or will there be drilling etc involved?. Sorry if this...
  5. Interior
    Hi guys New to the forum and new to Having "MY FIRST" T4 :D Technically i dont have it yet as i pick it up on monday but i wanted to say hi and ask a question if i may? In the front there are 2 swivel captain swivel seats and a 3 seat bench in the rear. In my current situation with gf and...
  6. Swap Shop
    Righto, I have an ex AA with the standard captains driver's seat and double front bench. I'd like to convert the whole set up to single captain swivels. If anyone has a swap that could facilitate this that would be great! Photos of my current set up can be found on my profile, here...
1-6 of 6 Results