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captain chair

  1. VW Caravelle Rear Captain Seats

    Parts For Sale
    VW Caravelle Leather and Alcantara Captain Seats. 4 rear captain seats from my T5 Caravelle Executive. In amazing condition, with very light usage. Fit vw floor rails. Dark grey Leather and mid grey Alcantara, all complete with sliding drawers. Front 2 have swivel function to enable seats to...
  2. how much does a passenger captain chair go for in place trim

    As the title says. I picked this up with a view of creating a drivers captain but looks to be hassle as I need to buy the bracket. So I was wandering how much is it worth. The seat is essentially new but could do with a clean and it was removed new to be replaced with a double. Its a non...
  3. Front Seats Too Far Back

    Good afternoon. I am finally sick to death of my terrible front seats and am looking to replace the pair. As you can (hopefully) see in the images below, I have to use a (custom) cushion to be seated anywhere near vertical and to reach the steering wheel. I'm 6' 2"! I am looking at buying some...
  4. Seat covers for T4 Autosleeper Trooper captain seats

    Hi everyone My T4 Autosleeper Trooper's front seats are getting a bit thin - I don't want to recover them, but just find some fitted seat covers (as I'm keeping the van as original as possible for re-sale in a few years when I can afford a T5). The front seats are both captains seats, each...
  5. Captains seat, bench seat, bulkhead and hub caps for sale

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Selling a captains seat and a bench seat in inca pattern: http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-transporter-t4-captains-and-double-seat-inca-pattern/1073265043 Also selling bulkhead: http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-transporter-t4-bulkhead-upper/1073265565...
  6. Extra single removable seat? or revert back to a bench? Dilemma.

    T5 Conversions
    6 months ago we were blessed with a bouncing baby boy and he is awesome in every sense! However our conversion only has belts for 4 having two captains seats and a 3/4 RIB in the rear and with my two daughters we are one short. I have already enquired about the possibility of reverting back to...
  7. VWT4 bench seat with three point seat belts and VWT4 captains seat with arm rests

    Will buy or swap for 2 Saab 9-5 half leather seats, both mounted to a swivel with a safe underneath
  8. 2 Saab 9-5 half leather captain seats , 1 with swivel safe

    Swap Shop
    I'm looking to swap both of these for a bench seat with 2 three point seat belts and a vwt4 captains seat with arm rests in inca fabric. Thx D
  9. Captain arm rest cover cloth removal?

    Hi, I need advice on how to remove the vinyl cover from armrests please. I've a fair idea on how to get seat covers off thanks to Kernow Transporters' pictorial guide, and I can see how the arms themselves detach, I just can't see an obvious way of removing the covers themselves from the arm...
  10. T4 Captains Drivers Seat in Inca

    Hi, Anyone got a drivers "captain" seat to suit a 1997 (P reg) T4 800 spesh? Good condition please and cheap! T: PM me please. Cheers :D **Or a pair of decent arm rests? As mine should have them but they've been removed for some reason!
  11. Can i change the bench seat for a single?

    hi, just bought my first vw, t5 shuttle and we are loving it as the family waggon. I was wondering if it is possible to change the the front passenger bench seat to a single "captains" chair?
  12. Hunting for a Captain's Chair

    Hi Guys, I've just acquired my first T4 (2002 888 special) and i am looking to replace the double passenger seats with a single captains chair. Does anyone want to exchange? or can you point me in the best direction to acquire one? I'm in Bristol. Cheers