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captain chairs

  1. Interior
    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has put anything other than vw single captain seats in the cab of their t5? I'd heard that mini cooper seats will go straight in? Thanks in advance.
  2. General Van Chat
    I am looking for a vehicle to do some camping in, but for the most part to act as comfortable transport for up to 6 adults. I was considering a T5 fitted with 6 captains chairs (in a 2 2 2 formation), with a pop top, and a removable kitchen unit accessed via the rear doors (I have seen some Van...
  3. Swap Shop
    Hi, Need to get rid of my double base, with folding flat double seat, with two seatbelts, from a 95 van, now i need a single early base and single passenger seat with seat belt receiver, ideally a captain, not fussed on pattern/colour as would re-trip it (who likes this standard & inca stuff?!)...