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captain seat

  1. Import German driver seat for passenger UK swap out

    Hi all, I've been blinking back the tears while trying to price up the job of swapping my passenger bench for a captain's chair. Surely this scam is the next PPI?! "Have you or a member of your family been affected by the high cost of van parts? We are waiting for your call" etc etc A friend...
  2. Which seat bolts

    I’m about to switch out a double swivel seat for a single captain seat. Could anyone tell me which bolts I would need to secure the seat to a Kiravans passenger safe swivel base? Also any advise on the unused floor bolts left by the double base would be uselful. Thanks
  3. Front Seats Too Far Back

    Good afternoon. I am finally sick to death of my terrible front seats and am looking to replace the pair. As you can (hopefully) see in the images below, I have to use a (custom) cushion to be seated anywhere near vertical and to reach the steering wheel. I'm 6' 2"! I am looking at buying some...
  4. T5 Conversion

    T5 Conversions
    Just bought a T5 shuttle last week and in the process of finding someone to convert it. Any tips, advice or generally extra knowledge anyone has for me would be a massive help. We are going to Dubs at the Park this weekend so hoping to learn more there too before we start. Hoping for a full...
  5. Captains seat, bench seat, bulkhead and hub caps for sale

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Selling a captains seat and a bench seat in inca pattern: http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-transporter-t4-captains-and-double-seat-inca-pattern/1073265043 Also selling bulkhead: http://www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/vw-transporter-t4-bulkhead-upper/1073265565...
  6. T5 Kombi 2010 onwards Set covers (full set)

    Parts For Sale
    I have just sold my 2011 t5 kombi and have a full set of seat covers for sale. These are really tough / water proof covers that are tailor made for the facelift t5. The set comprises of.. 2x captain seat covers inc head rest and arm rest covers 1x single rear seat cover inc head rest cover 1x...
  7. Timo Light GP Captain Driver Seat and Fold Flat Double Passenger

    Parts For Sale
    We have a fully adjustable captains driver’s seat for sale in Timo Light with upgraded headrests and a rear map pocket. We also have a double fold flat passenger seat with storage, upgraded headrests and twin rear map pockets also in Timo Light. These GP seats have come from a 2011 Transporter...
  8. New van, need a few bits....

    All parts required for a 1997 T4, 800 special, 1.9TD (ABL) Side loading door seal Ash tray Cig lighter Drivers captain seat Rear wiper washer jet Wheel brace Rocker cover dome caps and seals Seat belt retainer for the middle seat (passenger bench) Lock and key for n/s side loading door...
  9. T4 Double Front Bench Seat For Swaps

    Swap Shop
    Righto, I have an ex AA with the standard captains driver's seat and double front bench. I'd like to convert the whole set up to single captain swivels. If anyone has a swap that could facilitate this that would be great! Photos of my current set up can be found on my profile, here...
  10. Can i change the bench seat for a single?

    hi, just bought my first vw, t5 shuttle and we are loving it as the family waggon. I was wondering if it is possible to change the the front passenger bench seat to a single "captains" chair?
  11. Fitting Ford Galaxy Seats... Please Help!

    Hi, I've recently thrown off the shackles and bought myself a shiny T5. My plan is to convert it into a camper and then do some travelling however i have reached my first stumbling block. My friend has recommended this forum and i can already see that i am going to spend many hours on here...
  12. T4 front driver seat with base & double passenger seat with base

    Parts For Sale
    Taken out of my 01 plate T4. Drivers seat pretty clean, with no rips or tears. Left hand side armrest drops but will come with the bracket to fix this. I never got round to it as I swapped them out. £60 collected Passenger double seat, no rips or tears, but some marks on fabric and signs...
  13. Hunting for a Captain's Chair

    Hi Guys, I've just acquired my first T4 (2002 888 special) and i am looking to replace the double passenger seats with a single captains chair. Does anyone want to exchange? or can you point me in the best direction to acquire one? I'm in Bristol. Cheers
  14. Front Double Inca Front for Single Captains

    Swap Shop
    Hi, I need a captains (i.e. with arm rests) front passenger seat for a 99(T) ASAP really. I have a double in Inca, with a lap belt for the middle passenger should anyone want to swap. Dave