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captains seat
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  1. Interior
    Made fibre glass blank and fitted dual Usb.
  2. Parts For Sale
    I have a selection of T5 Seats for sale. They are from my 08 Shuttle, are in the "LLL" trim pattern and have been pressure cleaned with upholstery shampoo and are nice and fresh, ready to drop into a new van! They are all in generally very good condition. Any faults or marks I have spotted I...
  3. Interior
    I need a seat base for drivers seat to replace electric sliding, rising and rotating rincon base from wheel chair van. Also passenger captains seat and swivel base wanted. Thanks
  4. Parts For Sale
    T4 Double Passenger Bench Front Seat *** NOW SOLD *** For sale due to having bought a set of Multivan seats for our van... Double passenger seat taken from my 2001 ex-AA van - in good condition for the age. Includes seat base, two seat belt receivers and the built-in seat belt. £100...
  5. Swap Shop
    I have 2 Saab seats , one with a swivel safe and the other with a regular t4 single base for sale . I would ideally like l swap them for a t4 inca captains seat and a bench seat. I'm in Bristol and I can upload some pics if needed. Thx D
  6. Interior
    Hi, I've just picked up my first T4, a Caravelle. I'm looking to convert to a camper, I've heard that with Rock and Roll beds you can get legal seat belts bits mounted into the floor for the fitted belts on the wall? Also, I'm looking for the best seats for Captains Chairs? Amy and all advice...
  7. Swap Shop
    Hi, Need to get rid of my double base, with folding flat double seat, with two seatbelts, from a 95 van, now i need a single early base and single passenger seat with seat belt receiver, ideally a captain, not fussed on pattern/colour as would re-trip it (who likes this standard & inca stuff?!)...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Hi everyone! I am selling (all in great condition): 1x single seat base. black. Excellent condition! 1x Double Passenger Seat (w/ base & 3 point seatbelt in Inka fabric) 1x Captains / Single Seat with armrests in inka fabric. I am taking offers but these are also all listed on ebay - here...
1-8 of 8 Results