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    I've just got a new android 9.0 audio system installed on my T5 2012. I have to say I love it so much, perfect fit. It makes me love my T5 again! The price and function amazed me. Great unit! ! !T:T: Featured an image from where I bought. Hope everything will be going well in the future. I...
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  3. Electrical
    Looking at buying a double din screen head unit and was wondering if anybody has used Online Car Audio before? Prices seem good as they are offering 10% off at the moment but I have heard some reports on the Internet about non-authorised dealers not honouring warranties? They have a store...
  4. Electrical
    Hi My stereo does not have a phone connection so I cant use the phone whilst driving ;) Looking to buy a new one. 1/ needs bluetooth and a decent mic 2/ would like it to have a remote control so I can sit in the back and change tunes and that 3/ I run 2 5" w tweeters in the front and 2 6"...
  5. Wanted
    Guys, I am looking for a low priced Sub Amp - happy with second hand - to power my 8 inch sub in the front. Doesn't need to be the most powerful thing in the world, just to add the touch to 4 6x9's and other assorted speakers. Budget - £40, ideally less - I know I'll be lucky but you've got to...
1-5 of 5 Results