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caravelle bed

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  1. T4 Conversions
    Hi I know there are a few out there that have Velles and want to keep the seating arrangements but want to use their bus as a sleeper too. It has taken me ages to finally put pics up of what I've done.....but STILL not finished! I made the hinged plywood bed extension (as T4Chippy's)back in May...
  2. Interior
    Hi, Just got our T5 Caravelle and loving it. However, it seems storage wise, the bench seat draws could hold much more if only the front hinge and drawer rails were a bit different. Has anyone tried to remove the drawer rails and taken off the front and stuck the fronts back on to make proper...
  3. Interior
    I am looking for some rib or caravelle rock n roll seats. Does anyone know where to get good value ones? Do they have to be installed by a converter? Any second hand? Thanks
  4. General T4 Chat
    Hello Bought my Caravelle 2.4d a couple of weeks back and love it to bits. She is pretty tidy and came with good history. A couple of little bits to do in time but in the whole I am impressed. Ok so it's the 8 seater, so this is all good when People want to bum a lift with us when we are on...
  5. Interior
    Thinking about parting with my middle row of seats & planning to sell em with the belts... Does anyone know how hard it is to get the seat belts out? Is it gonna be a full panel removal type effort, or can it be done by just reaching behind? Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheeeers! Sam
1-5 of 5 Results