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caravelle camper


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    About to specify a design for a bespoke POD to sit behind drivers seat. Problem/Challenge is we have reduced size of the unit due to utilising full size bed with Flex Board. Needs to ideally house Vitrifrigo C39i / removable 2 ring stove and sufficient storage for food/pans/cutlery/crockery...
  2. it with the old in with the new camper conversion

    Need all the tips and pointers i can get. Looking to pull out the blue caravelle seats and interior and curious where the best place to sell these will be? What is a decent insulation to use and is 6mm ply the best to carpet over before fitting a kitchen unit? A decent curtain supplier...
  3. new van?

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    My van has just failed the MOT and its going to cost about £1000 to fix it all. I'm wondering how much it will cost to do a conversion from scratch. I love my Caravelle..H reg but its got so rusty now and what with the mot is it throwing money at it that would be better off spending else where...
  4. Sliding window problems

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    One of my sliding windows doesn't slide... At some point in my vans life the guide rails that the sliding part of the window fits between have disappeared and they have stuck it back together with silicone. The metal rib that the window slides along is still there, but the piece that the sliding...
  5. Complete progress shots of my T4 Caravelle

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Dear All thought you might like to look at some pictures of my jobs to my Van over past two years: Its all on Photobucket: http://photobucket.com/skylarkcampers or here are many of them: This was what it was like, bought it with 60K on the clock 2 years ago and first thing was to get the...