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  1. T4 Caravelle Dimensions

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, I am currently looking to buy a T4 Caravelle to convert into a camper. Does anyone know the dimensions?! Cannot find them anywhere! (want to begin designing before I make a purchase) Thanks
  2. Wanted!! - Garage/mechanic for auto to manual conversion South Wales

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, I have a 1999 Caravelle with a knackered automatic gearbox. I also have a manual gearbox and conversion kit. I am searching for a garage/mechanic to carry out the conversion. I am based in Cardiff, but I am willing to travel a reasonable distance. Does anyone know of someone who would...
  3. Auto to manual conv' parts needed???

    Engine & Gearbox
    Good afternoon all, I have a 1999 Caravelle 2.8L VR6 Petrol (automatic). Unfortunately the auto gearbox has given up. I've tried changing the fluid (using the correct fluid) and the filters, but no joy. After hours of reading posts on automatic gearbox issues, repairing the box and...
  4. Caravelle automatic gearbox problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello all, I've been having auto gearbox issues. I've got a 1999 Caravelle 2.8 petrol automatic. It shifts from 1st into 2nd fine, but instead of shifting into 3rd, it drops to neutral then back into 2nd. It won't shift into 3rd. It was fine in January, then wasn't driven for 6 months. I...
  5. Anybody know what these are??

    General T4 Chat
    Hey all, Does anybody know what the black boxes behind the wheel arches of a T4 Caravelle are? I think they may be a vent but not sure, theres no cut out on the van on the other side so maybe vent to underneath? there's no wires going in or out. See below. Cheers!
  6. Keeping original Caravelle Interior

    T4 Conversions
    Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on keeping the original carpet in the Caravelle for use as insulation and put my lino/vineer over it? It's a plastic covered foam with carpet over it. I'm thinking if it's good enough for VW it'll probably do the job? Can anybody see any problems with this...
  7. WANTED - Third Row Bench Seat for T5 Caravelle!

    Hi All, does anyone know or recommend where I can buy a Third Row Bench Seat for my 2004 Caravelle? I'm based in the south west near Swindon and happy to travel to collect. Would really appreciate any assistance anyone can provide with this! Cheers, Vince
  8. van to a kombi or caravelle convesion

    T5 Conversions
    Hello All, First Post here. It seems everyone talking about Camper conversions. What about other conversions? I thinking to buy a LWB 180 bhp four motion DSG van with double side loading doors and convert it to a Caravelle or a luxury kombi. Would i need to register it with DVLA? If so it is...
  9. Caravelle rear passenger seat covers

    I'm looking into getting some seat-covers for the rear captains chairs in my Caravelle. It's got the alcantara leather seats which are lovely, but a little too nice for a pair of messy kids - I figure a decent seat cover will also protect the leather from the car-seat being permanently installed...
  10. Caravelle rear AC unit

    General Technical
    I am clearing out the back of my T4 Caravelle (1999) and I have come across the rear air conditioning unit behind the trim, on the drivers side right at the back. It is not like similar units I have read about, there is no vent on the window. There are tubes going through the floor and seem to...
  11. Help Identifying This Component Please!

    Hi All, can anyone help me identify this part under my 2001 Caravelle? It's underneath, behind the drivers seat, and I believe it is part of the heating for the passengers in the back? The case is damaged and I need a new one, but I don't know it's called or what I should ask for? Any help...
  12. VW T4 Caravelle 2.4aab Diesel

    Vans For Sale
    View image in gallery Selling my vwt4 Caravelle, owned since 192k (4years) 206,800 current mileage Caravelle T4 2.4aab Diesel 92, manual Loads of history, in my ownership, new head gasket, exhaust, ball joints, cam belt changed at 192k, so majority of major jobs done. Stock / factory, plus...
  13. T4 Caravelle dash computer issue

    My T4 Caravelle 2001 dashboard computer has started doing this, any ideas or pointers please? Sometimes it is fine, but more often than not it is like this lately. It did seem when I used handbrake it would flicker...
  14. 2008 T5 Shuttle 1.9 tdi SWB Black

    Vans For Sale
    SOLD 2008 T5 Shuttle SE 1.9tdi SWB 9 seats 139394 miles Electric windows Air con front and rear Full service history - mostly VW dealer. Big folder of receipts. Just had oil and filter change by me. Recent cam belt, clutch and flywheel. MOT May 2019 18” load rated Rial alloys with recent front...
  15. 2.5 TDi T4 Caravelle 2001 What's it worth?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi there, Selling my Caravelle, just wondering what it's worth. Here some spec's: 111 kw 151 BHP 5 seats long chassis GPS, Cruise control, heated frontseats, Airco front and back seats luxury fitting thanks for your help!!!
  16. Converting a 6 seat Caravelle to 7 seats

    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first T5 Caravelle. Is it easy to put a three seat bench seat into the rear row of a 2011 T5 Caravelle to replace the 2 rear chairs? Do they just slide in to replace the existing ones? I have seen a 2011 auto for a good price locally but it has 6 seats in 2-2-2...
  17. Caravelle Camping Ideas

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, Ive got a Caravelle T5 Executive with 2 fixed chairs in the cab and 4 captain chairs in the back with a table. Just looking for anyone with any examples of ideas of how they create a temporary camper?? We're a family of 4 and bought it as a daily driver but want to be able to go travelling...
  18. Partial respray / wrap costs?

    General Van Chat
    I have a black LWB caravelle with heavy limo tints. I'm thinking of doing the top half in a lighter colour to make the windows stand out a little, cool it down in the Summer, and also to look much better! I'd consider a partial wrap, or respray, in a cream or light grey, they maybe match the...
  19. Sun roof and front interior lights not working.

    Hi there. Got a little problem with my 2000 Caravelle. the Front interior light and the button for the sun roof isn't working anymore. the 2 rear interior lights are working fine. have changed 3 door switches,the bulb, and another switch panel. still no response. have checked the fuses, and...
  20. vw transporter t5.1 140 caravelle day van 2011 6 speed aircon

    Vans For Sale
    For reluctant sale due to house renovations is my VW T5.1 transporter 140bhp 6 speed. It started life as a panel and is still shown as such on the logbook, i have only recently (this winter) converted it in a caravelle style day van. but now i need the funds and also don't want to turn this into...