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  1. VAG Parts For Sale
    Offside and nearside door cards in satin black - take winder handles NOT electric window buttons. Sold as seen without door pockets, handles etc. Little rubber trims that go on the top ends also missing. Both have been thoroughly prep'd before being primed with 3 coats of Plastikote plastic...
  2. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, Our first van came along at the right price shortly before winter last year so we only got one trip from it! A Caravelle in lovely condition that has been fitted out by its previous owner totally by himself. There are some elements that I wish to change and some I have already: I have...
  3. Interior
    Has anyone carpeted the factory fitted hardboard cards that cover the panels in the rear, rather than using ply? Mine are in good nick but I haven't come across anyone doing this.
1-3 of 3 Results