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  1. Cab Carpet & Dashboard Bling

    General Van Chat
    I am about to take delivery of a converted T5 GP. However, the cab interior is a bit bland. I am therefore looking at doing a couple of jobs to it as a start - 1) The main job I am thinking of doing is to carpet the floor. Has anyone done this? I know you can buy large mats but I am thinking...
  2. New speakers and panel on front of CF bed

    Hi All, I've noticed with the big ugly gap at the front of the CF bed and the lack of rear speakers I needed to come up with something and visiting a few shows gave me some ideas, but I wanted something different than the usual plain VW symbol. Visiting a well known emporium of all things beef...
  3. Best place to get good quality carpet for basic conversion

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, I need to know the best place to buy good quality carpet for my t5, and how much of it I need? Has anyone converted one to house a go kart and still let you sleep in it? I have an idea but am interested to hear if anyone else has an idea. It's got to be done on a budget, no cooker needed...
  4. Ply lining, carpet, insulation, window tint, lowering springs + more!

    Ok a list of usual things i suppose, its all for my mate Dave, hes on a tight budget so if we can get these things cheaper than new then great..T: Basically he has a transporter-caravelle with only two windows, one on slider, one behind driver, so needs enough ply for the rest of the wall...
  5. Show us your floors!

    Hi Buslovers, :ILU: Seeing as "Nsayell" and my good self are thinking of putting down a flooring of some description I thought I'd start this thread to see what you lovely people have done to your wagens... :) I bet there's some clever carpet and vicious vinyl designs that'll inspire the space...
  6. Stretchy or Standard? Carpet Colour Quandary!

    It seems the general consensus is to get my lining carpet for the back of my T4 from megavanmats, which is cool because they do a great looking package with the adhesive and everything. (Just my luck though that the first opportunity I have to finally get started with my interior, these guys are...
  7. Hand brake cover removal

    Hi, does anyone know how to remove the handbrake cover as I am trying to carpet it and I'm struggling. I see there us a hole on the underside and I have tried pushing the plastic inside but it doesn't come free. Am I missing something simple? Thanks Chris
  8. Carpeting in Pacific Blue finished

    Got my carpeting finished and have written it up with images - see here if you're interested. I went for the Pacific Blue from MVM's. I like the colour - love that extra stretchy carpet. Next time I'm home I'm going to cover the ceiling in sand coloured carpet with LEDS. :ILU:
  9. Carpeting sliding door and runner

    Hi, ive nearly finished a paneling and carpeting my van :) The last bit to do is around the window on the sliding door, im guessing i glue the carpet straight to the metal work but the problem being if i carpet all the way around the edge of the door the window side is no problem but the other...
  10. Carpet Wanted

    Hello all, Before i order some carpet online, does anybody have any going cheap that i can buy. In bristol for the week trying to get the van done!! Matt
  11. Carpet

    I've decided to bite the bullet and get my rather tatty van sorted mechanically and bodywork wise, I also want to spruce up the interior with some nice made for purpose black or dark grey carpet, however I don't want Carpetright offcuts, I want, as already mentioned, made for purpose carpet. Can...
  12. Carpet Lining

    T4 Conversions
    Hi Just starting out on my first T4 conversion adventure!! Does anyone know how many metres of carpet I will need to carpet line my ply panels? I have a standard short wheel based panel van with rear windows fitted both sides. Just an estimate would be great. Thanks :-)
  13. LED's, Tinting, carpeting, sound proofing and much more

    General Van Chat
    Hi, Guys i have just came across this great wbsite www.t4mad.co.uk its a D.I.Y site showing step by step how to etc....
  14. Carpet hardboard cards?

    Has anyone carpeted the factory fitted hardboard cards that cover the panels in the rear, rather than using ply? Mine are in good nick but I haven't come across anyone doing this.
  15. Converters Near IPSWICH SUFFOLK

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all. I'm a newbie and should be getting a T5 in a few weeks if i can sell my golf. Looking for somebody to line and carpet the inside of my van near Ipswich. Does anybody know of anyone. Help greatly appreciated. Matt
  16. Carpeting the roof lining?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, my roof lining is pretty tatty and was considering carpeting it- obviously with high-temp and good quality glue. Does anybody know the best way to secure the panels once carpeted?
  17. Carpet Around rear Windows

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, Been looking for some posts on carpeting around the rear windows. I don't want a wooden frame, I want to carpet right up to the glass. Any posts / hints on how to do this? Do I do it in x4 strips? Or try to cut the template around the whole window. Thanks - N
  18. Quick Carpet How To? - Any tips?

    Hi I'm about to start carpeting the ply panels (around 20 mins) anyone give me tips for this. eg. Should I just glue the edges before i bend then over then tack the carpet on? Should I glue the entire board before i put the carpet on - edged and middle Should I gluve the carpet...
  19. Do you carpet the roof panels?

    Hi, Do / Can you carpet the roof panels before re attaching them? Thanks - n
  20. ex-AA Day Van Conversion

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Another ex-AA conversion! I had a standard ex-AA with glazed rear doors and wanted to be able to sleep in it for the occasional camping trip but didn't want to lose a load of space to fitted beds/cupboards/fridges etc. Step 1 - Strip and Insulate Here is the Maple Immobiliser for early...