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  1. How to carpet barn doors

    Hi All, About to carpet rear doors and was just looking at the vast array of wires / tubes / pipes etc (ex AA) Do I take them out carpet and refit... or can i just carpet around them? Any ideas / techniques much appreciated. Nick
  2. Drill into van or use current holes - how to attach ply

    Right, I'm about to carpet / ply my van. I'm going to remove panels, carpet them, carpet the metal, carpet the panels then re-attach the panels (after using Kings insulation 50mm bottom 20mm top). I think this seems to be the correct way..... MY QUESTION ------------------ a) How do I...
  3. Carpet - How much to do the lot

    Hi, Anyone know how much carpet (m2) i'd need to a) line ply pannels b) line the rear metal work c) line the inside door pannels in the front I have found a place that does 2m x 10 m (20m2) rolls for £85 if 10m would do then 2 of us could go halfs?
  4. advice for a windsurfer!

    hey im thinking of carpeting my van but one half is going constantly have windsurf kit in so its probably going to be wet a lot of the time so im thinking about bringing the lino half way or all the way up one side, has anyone ever seen or done this or can give me some advice? thanks steve
  5. Interior carpet and side window

    General Van Chat
    I dropped off the van and walked into Penzance along the beach at Longrock.. which is only 2 mins stroll from Vansport. They supplied and fitted a side window and I had the rear window privacy glassed, which they made a brilliant job of. Mounts Bay is stunning.. so all in all a great day! Very...
  6. Style Advice Please!

    Im going to be carpeting the panels in my Yellow van (Graphite) Do you recon it would look better to carpet all of the inside (ie all the metal work too) or just the panels? Im going to refit the tool cabs at a later date. You thoughts please :ILU:
  7. carpet

    Hello does anyone know the best place to get the carpet to do the inside of my t4 with Thanks chris