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  1. Life Style
    I've got a brand new Caravelle carpet/sound deadening with the cut outs for the sliding seats etc. This was taken out of a brand new caravelle last year and has never been used. Colour is dark grey, still has protective plastic film on. Looking for £30. Call me (Stew) if you need further...
  2. Interior
    Hi :confused: Anyone got suggestions please? I have a 52 plate Caravelle TDI. My front passenger and driver side carpets are soaking...like someone has thrown water all over them. Can't see any obvious points of entry. Worse spots are near wheel arches...literal puddles! Water also getting in...
  3. T5 Conversions
    Hi all. Got myself a T5 that has been converted but a little shabby around the edges. I would like new flooring as the carpet is stained and worn (only been in a couple of years, but obviously poor quality). Do I have to take everything out to get a good refit? The bedseat is on runners which...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Hi all. I've completed my interior and I've got some leftovers that you may be interested in. 1/3) Ash grey roof lining. Covers all the roof's cargo area up to the start of the cab. Holes for original interior lights. Glue residue on one side. Very good condition 2/3) Mega Van mats Premium...
  5. T5 Conversions
    Hi, my roof lining is pretty tatty and was considering carpeting it- obviously with high-temp and good quality glue. Does anybody know the best way to secure the panels once carpeted?
  6. T4 Conversions
    Hi, Been looking for some posts on carpeting around the rear windows. I don't want a wooden frame, I want to carpet right up to the glass. Any posts / hints on how to do this? Do I do it in x4 strips? Or try to cut the template around the whole window. Thanks - N
  7. Interior
    Hi I'm about to start carpeting the ply panels (around 20 mins) anyone give me tips for this. eg. Should I just glue the edges before i bend then over then tack the carpet on? Should I glue the entire board before i put the carpet on - edged and middle Should I gluve the carpet...
  8. Interior
    Hi, Do / Can you carpet the roof panels before re attaching them? Thanks - n
  9. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Another ex-AA conversion! I had a standard ex-AA with glazed rear doors and wanted to be able to sleep in it for the occasional camping trip but didn't want to lose a load of space to fitted beds/cupboards/fridges etc. Step 1 - Strip and Insulate Here is the Maple Immobiliser for early...
  10. Interior
    Hi, Anyone know how much carpet (m2) i'd need to a) line ply pannels b) line the rear metal work c) line the inside door pannels in the front I have found a place that does 2m x 10 m (20m2) rolls for £85 if 10m would do then 2 of us could go halfs?
  11. General Van Chat
    I dropped off the van and walked into Penzance along the beach at Longrock.. which is only 2 mins stroll from Vansport. They supplied and fitted a side window and I had the rear window privacy glassed, which they made a brilliant job of. Mounts Bay is stunning.. so all in all a great day! Very...
  12. Interior
    Im going to be carpeting the panels in my Yellow van (Graphite) Do you recon it would look better to carpet all of the inside (ie all the metal work too) or just the panels? Im going to refit the tool cabs at a later date. You thoughts please :ILU:
  13. Interior
    Hello does anyone know the best place to get the carpet to do the inside of my t4 with Thanks chris
  14. Interior
    Does anybody outhere know wher I can find metal replacement fixings similar to the plastic ones already inplace. Ideally longer and black to manage a plylining with carpet. I'm sure I've seen something similar on Ebay but I can't find anything at the moment. Cheers
1-14 of 14 Results