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  1. Wheels & Tyres
    So, on my van I've got 4 x 18x8 wheels with a 41 offset. Tyres are 235/45. Got a cheap spare which is 18x8 with a 45 offset. The same tyre will go on this (235/45). Question is, will this fit in the spare tyre carrier underneath? My van's in the workshop so I can't try it.
  2. Security
    I have a 2015 T5.1 with barn doors and am fitting a tailgate. The van is 2015 Startline T28, the F-code tailgate is 2016 and the interior fittings are 2017 but all T5.1 spec. Aiming for plug-and-play swap over! Trying to find out if my lock Carrier should be 7H0 827 426 E, AA or Q or T...
  3. General T5 Chat
    I have a 2010 T5 with full conversion so I can't fit my bike in the van. I'm keen to avoid towing a trailer so I figured something mounted on my to bar might work. Anyone else done this or have any recommendations? Cheers!
  4. Parts For Sale
    This was on my T5 when I purchased it. It's a genuine VW model and can hold up to 4 bikes. It works perfectly and has the attachments for the bikes. It has a slight bend on the top right which was there from the previous owner but it doesn't impact it's operation at all, just cosmetic, could...
  5. General Van Chat
    Hi All, If you have a spare 2 minutes in your day would you mind completing a questionnaire about rear door mounted bicycle racks/carriers please? We would like some information for a design project and your experienced input would help us immensely. The survey can be accessed here...
  6. Wanted
    Managed to get hold of two rear trailing arms but one of them is missing the carrier caliper and the two bolts that it is attached with. If anybody has one they would like to sell me I would really appreciate it. Thanks Dave
  7. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Can anybody please recommend a bike carrier (2 bikes) to fit a T4 with rear barn doors. It has a towbar so I know that will accommodate a carrier but are there any racks that will fit on the doors? Many thanks.
  8. General T5 Chat
    Was just wondering what people use for keeping their dogs secure in the back of their vans. I have two Labradors - ones 7 years old and good as gold - others 3 months and is currently trying to eat me out of house, home and potentially the van. I'm looking for something that both secures them...
  9. General T5 Chat
    Vans parked in the drive under CCTV cameras, has a Fiamma rack on it, just to paint the picture. Maybe its just me but cant help but feel the fact that our converted garage was broken into was partly due to the fact that we keep the rack on the back of the van? Guess we were seen coming in from...
  10. Parts For Sale
    Selling my Fiamma bike rack, its for the T4 double rear door model. Takes 2 bikes quickly and securely. Under a year old, used often, but in perfect working order. £150 incl post to UK Folded closed. Open
  11. eBay Listings
    I am selling on eBay (item no 180794433760) a T4 syncro spare wheel carrier, which bolts onto the rear right hand side.... It comes with the locking plate for the back door/tailgate, all the bolts (from VW) for fixing on, but none of the retaining/strengthening plates that need to go inside...
  12. T4 Conversions
    I made this ski carrier by re-fitting the bike carrying channels to the uprights on my Fiamma bike rack. I bolted two Thule ski clamps to the channels using 4 stainless steel bolts and 4 nylon spacers 20mm x 35mm the conversion works really well. Just need need some more snow in the Cairngorms.
  13. Brakes
    I currently have a '95 2.4d with standard disc front/drums rear I need to replace the front caliper, and I'd planned on upgrading the brakes anyhow in due course ahead of my planned turbo conversion. So after some googling, I see the biggest discs fitted on T4's were 313mm on VR6 and 150bhp TDi...
  14. Wanted
    need a rear caliper carrier, the lucas type for vw t4 2.5 tdi 2003 need it before friday as suposed to be at a show :| if any one can help
  15. General Technical
    when i took my bumper off there was a big steel component underneath, apparently it's called a bumper carrier. Its really rusty and would need welding before refitting so i sourced a new one. when i went to pick it up it turned out to be slightly different - as can be seen in the pictures. The...
1-15 of 16 Results