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cd changer
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  1. Electrical
    Hi I'm looking for a radio to replace the standard one as I want to be able to get DAB radio. I also have a CD changer that works with the existing unit. I'm also interested in handsfree / bluetooth but mostly I want DAB and my CDs! What do I need to search for to find a replacement...
  2. Electrical
    Bought a RCD510 to try in my wife's new Caravelle, It's come from a 2009 Scirocco. Plugged it straight in and after typing in the code, fired straight up. Even the optical parking sensors work as they did on the factory fit RCD310 Now we have six disc in dash changer, and it has an SD card...
  3. I.C.E
    Hi, I've got a Sony CDX-656 10 CD Changer for sale. Its never been fitted but I no longer have the box. Long story but its been sitting in the downstairs cupboard for quite sometime! Its got the brackets, CD cassette, leads but I can't find the bracket screws. B&Q should have some cheap ones...
1-3 of 4 Results