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  1. VW RCD310DAB to CD Changer - Help required

    Hello folks Your most recent recruit here. I have a T5.1 2013 with an RCD310DAB fitted and working well. As I am very old I still have CD’s so bought a 6 Disc multi-changer from the eBays. It is a genuine VW unit (Panasonic) and has come With the under seat bracket and a 12 pin connector. In...
  2. My stereo wont work :(

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hey, So i upgraded my stereo to a sony head unit. Worked fine for 20 minutes and then stopped working. It no wont even turn on. I put the old stereo in and it worked fine but nothing from the new one. Came to the conclusion it was the stereo so send it back and got a replacement. New...
  3. JVC KD-G322 CD/WMA/MP3 player

    Single DIN unit, CD player/radio. Handles MP3/WMA CDs too. Working, replaced it with a DVD player in my T4 van :) Comes with the loom for a T4, so should just be plug-in and go! Full spec here: http://www.jvcmobile.co.uk/documents/manuals/KD-G322.pdf £10 collection from N11 postcode or ~£15...
  4. CD player issues

    Hi everyone, I wired in my Sony cd player today, I had this is my car no problems. I wired it in the van today and it says on all the time even with the ignition off can anyone help :confused: :confused: :confused:
  5. Sony Stereo

    Sony CDX CA90 stereo for sale. Radio and CD player. With remote so it can be controlled from the back of your van. In perfect working order. The only downside is one or two of the small plastic clips on the black facia surround are broken, but this can be easily stuck down with tape (as seen in...
  6. Single Din DVD/Sat Nav Head Units

    Hey guys an gals, I've not long been a shall we say "proper" member of the T4 scene until I picked up a 2001, Lwb two weeks ago! Excited doesn't even cover it! (As I'm sure other owners will testify!) Now, I'm in the forces and currently in Belize... So all research I'm doing is via the trusty...
  7. putting in a after market radio

    Can i put in a after martket radio into a 07 T5, I hear in some vw cars that it can cause problem with the ECU. does anyone have any experience with the 07 transporters specifically???????????????????????
  8. what entertainment/nav system to go for?

    I have a 06 Caravelle SE and I'd like to pop in a SAT NAV/DVD/CD/ipod player. It not quite a blank cheque affair but I'd rather spend a few quid and get something that does the job well. Oh yeah, it will need to have bluetooth functionalitly and be compatible with the new G3 iphone too. And in...