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  1. Electrical
    Passenger door wont unlock. CL keeps locking. Changed solenoid, but still get same problem. CL works for rest of doors if passenger solenoid is unplugged. Any ideas? TIA Patrick T4 LWB 2002 2.5 TDI model
  2. Electrical
    I have a 2000 reg T4 2.5TDi with some electrical problems. We've recently had new wiring put into the drivers side door as the electric windows and mirrors stopped working. They are now fine, but shortly after this was done, the locks have started playing up. I've seen other threads with...
  3. Wanted
    Hi i'm after a central locking motor for my 2000 t4, it is the green coloured one not the black one...i have the black older version as a spare in my collection of stuff but it has different connectors...anyone got one or just the electric motor from the inside so i can rebuild it..cheers
  4. Electrical
    Hi all I have read and read all the threads I could find about the central locking faults and hoped I could get some help withine I am a proud new owner of my first bus it's a vw t4 caravelle I am really pleased with it and looking forward to some shows this summer but the remote locking don't...
  5. Security
    This has driven me absolutely nuts today!!! Central locking all working in the van. 5 wire drivers door solenoid and relay and the rest all running off the blue and red wires from there. Works off key and off the door pin. Fitted the alarm today, tried every conceivable option of wiring in the...
  6. Electrical
    If anyone can help me with this ill buy them a pint....... When i lock my T4 with the key the central locking locks all the doors and immediately unlocks them! can anyone tell me what the problem might be, as its doin my head in!!
1-6 of 6 Results