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  1. Are these mud flaps rubbish?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Bought these off ebay recently but cant work out how to fit them..? They came with 2 screws each. Presuming they screw into the bumper behind the rear wheels but there's no proper 'T' section on them to screw them in adjacent to the bumper like ive seen on some others. There's a slight corner to...
  2. is this too good (cheap) to be true??

    General T5 Chat
    53 Plate T5, 164,500 miles and full service history up to 2011then serviced by seller. T28, 85 TDI 1.9L Ad says "The van is very reliable and has never let me down always passing its MOT. A few marks on the body as you would expect from a van this age. " Asking £3650 Mileage seems genuine...
  3. Best / cheapest / most popular GPS tracking option for a T5?

    Can anyone recommend the best / cheapest / most popular GPS tracking option for a T5? I'm driving into mainland Europe for several months and want some extra security, without too much fussing around! Thanks in advance
  4. T5 GP 5.1 parts plus some tailgate

    Parts For Sale
    2009 tailgate wiper, motor, washer assy £45 2009 caravelle rear trims for tailgate and sides ( under lights ) £10 ( white ) 2012 t5 bulkhead £10 2012 rear lining all bar floor £15 ( barn doors ) vgc 2012 hinges candy white (barn doors) £40 2012 loom barn doors no wiper £20 2012 high level...
  5. A Guide To Roller Painting Your T4!

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Right guys, some of you lot got very curious when i stated that i was going to roller paint my T4 and asked for more details. I have decided that i will document the bodywork section of my build for the purposes of assiting others and providing what will hopefully be an interesting thread. So...
  6. Super budget first time conversion!

    T4 Conversions
    Hi all, I picked up my first van 2 weeks ago, and have set about converting it to something usable to transport gear, but also usable as a camper. As a student, this is going to be a super budget conversion! I'l try and keep a running total! Here's the van as i got it: A bit banged up on...
  7. Where's cheapest place to get recon or new fuel pump

    Engine & Gearbox
    Where the cheapest place to get a reconditioned or new fuel pump from thanks
  8. 5 x 5 spoke 18" T4 Alloys & tyres - £175

    Parts For Sale
    Hello, I've recently replaced the alloys which were on our van when we bought it with some smaller ones, so I'm selling the wheels which came with it. 4 of the wheels could do with being refurbished as they are starting to look a bit rough - surface corrosion around bolt holes & lacquer...
  9. 4th Edition of All the Aires France out soon discount offer.

    European and Foreign Travel
    The latest edition of the 'All the Aires France' book will be out in time for Christmas. Here is the link to the publishers website for a discount offer. https://www.vicarious-shop.com/Pre-Order-All-the-Aires-France-4th-edition.html It's probably the best book on the subject available to us...
  10. Beginners Acoustic Guitar?

    The Pub
    Hi, looking at starting guitar (Its cheaper than another VW) Apart from the Yamaha f310 can anyone recommend a cheap full size Acoustic guitar that's worth learning on for under £100 Have been to a couple of shops and they all recommend there own cheap brands but then they would wouldnt they...
  11. My First mod!! with pictures.

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    So ive had the van a week now and have been itching to get started. So here we go with detailed instructions and pictures. -----HOW TO CHANGE YOUR TOW BAR COVER---- 1. Approach the van from the rear to put you in the best position to site the tow bar. 2.Get closer to the van, you will be...
  12. Cheap (£30) in-van / portable DAB Radio

    I just thought I'd share this. I listen to a lot of BBC 6Music and have an Alpine double DIN headunit with an auxiliary input but no DAB. I bought a Pure Mini One Dab radio for £29 from the web. Its a great little radio, smallest DAB I have seen and it has a tactile rubbery grip all over...
  13. standard bubble wrap vs foil type

    T5 Conversions
    hi, i've been thinking about bubble wrap to fill in some of the gaps in my insulation job on the walls of my van, and then to cover the panels on the top of my van. I can get the foil type of bubble wrap on the net no trouble, but then i wandered this... We have masses of packing type bubble...
  14. Cheap rims for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Cheap alloy rims for sale I'm moving house in just over a month and could really do with getting rid of some wheels. The first set is a set of 5 15" Audi rims, 4 of which have load rated van tyres with 3-5mm tread on them. All straight and true, and fitted with new valves and balanced 3 weeks...
  15. Simple Conversion bed and kitchen pod!

    T4 Conversions
    Hi All Just bought myself a beautiful T4 on friday and im looking to convert it. Looking for soemthing simple such as a bed and kitchen pod however as an outdoor instructor id like to get a boat or kayak inside side and storage under the bed for climbing and boating kit. Raised floor maybe...
  16. Vw national pricing promotion

    The Pub
    INTERIM SERVICE AND EVC (EXPRESS VISUAL CHECK) £139.00+VAT "FULL SERVICE" INCLUDING POLLEN, FUEL AND AIR FILTERS £249.00+VAT this is being rolled out all over the uk, which means all dealers should be the same price up and down the country for a limited period check national press and the...
  17. Cheapest place for a starter battery (online or Bristol)

    My starter battery's on it's way out, loses charge over a weekend but works fine day to day. Any suggestions for the cheapest place to get a replacement, either online or in Bristol. It's a 93, 2.4d if that makes any difference. Cheers,
  18. Can't afford a respray, other ideas?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    The paintwork on my van is really bad, one side is blue and rust, the other is blue and rust covered with hammerite (which is lighter blue). There's a fair amount of dents on it too. So what can I do. I don't want to make it immaculate just slightly less grotty than it is now. I'm tempted to...
  19. Starter Motor 1.9td

    Hi think my starters buggered so has anyone got one or perhaps breaking a 1.9td or know of anywhere cheap and reliable to buy from (that means no :* ebay!) Cheers Scott