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  1. Cold strat relay clicking

    During cold weather the first (and only the first) start of the day is sluggish like a low battery and a clicking noise from the dash (right of the steering wheel). If I keep the key turned to start it will eventually catch and start. If I turn the ignition off and try again it’ll turn over and...
  2. 1.9td Clicking Noise at low speed

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys, I'm after a little advice. My 2001 1.9 TD ABL makes a clicking noise as I engage the accelerator and begin to ease off the clutch. I generally hear it at low speed or when stationary so it's when I'm in 1st or 2nd gear. It may well happen in higher gears but I don't hear it over...
  3. Help needed, diesel pressure sensor problems.

    General T5 Technical
    Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone of you could shed some light in here... to start with, i have T5 2.0 2012 model, and some time ago, i have notice that with revs there is some kind of click or tick... after checking almost everything -found thats fuel pressure sensor on the drivers side...
  4. Clicking brake pedal

    My brake pedal has started clicking around 1 in 10 times when I use my brakes. The brakes still work, my brake lights still come on and I get no errors on my dash. It sounds like its coming from the pedal itself, and it's a high pitched click rather than a thud. Sounds like a really really loud...
  5. Help needed URGENTLY!

    Im wanting to kick my lovely T4 at the moment. As its just cost me a full's days pay after me not having work for two weeks, the bloody thing wont start :bhd Its a 2.5 tdi on an 02 plate. The ignition turns on and when you go to turn it over, there is a switch noise from the fuse board but no...
  6. Newbie - would really appreciate some advice on suddenly very noisy top end!

    General Technical
    Hi All, As of last week, I'm not the proud owner of a 2000 SWB 2.5tdi Caravelle. Have already been enjoying the van and have put on around 1500miles since last sat! Had the timing belt changed on Saturday by a family member (mechanic with lots of experience) and all was well until last...