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  1. Climatronic / Climate control flashing 27 times

    Hi all, Right I've been through the forum and cannot find anything anywhere to why it's flashing 27 times and or what the fault is. :* It all started 2 weeks ago when suddenly my beautiful white 1996 Longnose T4 Multivan decided that the aircon was not going to work properly, not good when you...
  2. Climatronic fault Caravelle executive

    Hi, can anyone help please? Blower has stopped working in the front and windscreen, although it still works in the back of the van. Air still comes out warm when the engine is hot. I called the RAC and it came up fault code B10A001 front fresh air blower electrical fault. Also B10AF04 air...
  3. Where's the 'OFF' switch !?

    ........... for the blower in the rear of a MultiVan !? I've got a Climatronic system in my MultiVan ( BigBlue ) ......... there's a big vent in the rear of the van just behind the passenger seat. A couple of weeks ago I was messing with the aircon system, and since then I've not been able...
  4. Retrofit Climatronic & MFSW to 2009 T5

    Hi all, My first post so please be gentle! Would it be possible to retrofit a similar T5.1 climatronic heating control system to my 2009 T5 2.5ltr Transporter? Also would it be possible to retrofit a MFSW & the multi function dash display? What is required & the costs involved if possible...
  5. Climatronic diagnostics

    Hi, I've a 1997 T4 Caravelle, the climatronic has been playing up for a while. Everytime you start the ignition the whole display flashes for about 4-5 seconds. Then settles down and kinda works, although it seems the rear blowers have stopped working now. I've read about the self-diagnostics...
  6. Diagnosing fan blower with climatronic

    Just thought I'd share my experiences with this one, as I haven't seen it on the forum (sorry if I've missed it). "Normal" T5 Fan Blower Check To find out if your getting different (and the right) voltages from your fan speed controller, you normally put a voltmeter across the 2x terminals of...
  7. USA t4 eurovan Climatronic issue

    Trailers & Teardrops
    Hello Mates, Ac Issues. I haven't had Ac in almost 2 years. So I finally broke down and bit the bullit in anticipation of cool 40 degree F air pumping out. So far no go with it. Here is what I have done. I just went thru the ritual of replacing my Ac compressor and all the goodies receiver...
  8. T5 - climatronic - blower fan speed

    Hi all, My climatronic works well upto front blower fan speed of 3 bars(on digital display), for higher displayed speed(bars 4-max) it remains at speed of 3 bars. I have noticed when I switched on A/C while driving, no way to get max blower fan speed.(manually) After some time (20 mins ?) the...
  9. rear climatronic panel dead -->2006 1,9

    I have found two blown 5A fuses, one in the cabin lower fusebox and one in the engine bay, but still no working rear climatronic panel after replacing them. Im currently not using the ac because its low on gas, and I want to sort this out before refilling. My VCDS tells me this ...
  10. Climatronic - Repairing the V70 Central Flap Motor

    This has fixed my 01272 fault: ROSS Tech Wiki says: 01272 1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 1.1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70): Faulty 1.1.1 Possible Causes 1.1.2 Possible Solutions 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 01272 - Positioning Motor...
  11. Caravelle multivan, ac not working! Climatronic

    General T5 Technical
    Got a 2006 caravelle with the climatronic. Had it regassed and it's still in there, so no leaks. The plastic clutch thing (gates coupling) that often brakes is ok apparently. I lost the blowers about 4months ago for about a week and then they've been fine since. Anyone have any other ideas? Or...
  12. Climatronic Demist

    General T5 Technical
    Hi Guys, Have a problem with my T5 Caravelle with 3-zone Climatronic. Select windscreen demist something changes behind the dash which sounds at though the fan is blowing against a closed flap; no air comes out of any vent. All other modes work find. Would like a better idea of who this system...
  13. 2005 Caravelle with 3 zone climatronic diagnostics

    I have a 2005 Caravelle with 3 zone climatronic - spent hours searching on Google on how to do a self test \ diagnostics on it ( on my Passat you could do it by pressing a couple of buttons at the saem time but on the 3 zone I cant find the combination ). Got VCDS but the label file is not...
  14. T4 Climate control wiring loom

    Probably a long shot, but looking for a complete dash wiring loom from a van with climate control (climatronic)(not just aircon) could also do with controller relays etc, Don't need blower assy. as i allready have one ThanksT:
  15. Climatronic A/C Relay 140 needed

    hi Im looking for relay 140 from a VW T4 Also known as A/C relay (140) Relay for climatronic (140) can you help thanks irishkeet;)
  16. Climatronic on Leisure Battery

    So the Velle surf van project has started properly (build diary to follow). I have a climatronic system with the erberspacher just under the floor behind the driver's seat and the aircon in the rear right corner. I'm thinking it should be possible to wire up the rear climatronic unit to allow me...
  17. Climatronic heater

    I did a search but couldnt find any info i have climatronic a/c heater and it flashes for about 15 seconds Which another search reveals a fault but as far as i can tell its all working fine So am i missing something here ? :confused: