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  1. Caravelle rear light unit clips?

    I've spent a bit (a lot) of time today changing all the interior lights to LEDs (note to self: polarity is important! :P ), and they look great. the problem is the clips that hold the light units into the roof mount assembly; they're a bit sh!t! So I broke, well, most of them to be honest :(...
  2. Intro Post / Plea for help with sliding door rail trim

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, INTRO W: New to the forum but have had a couple of Transporters over the years (T5 then T5.1). The current one is a semi-converted panel van (R&R Bed, storage units, & spinning double front bench), with some styling (lowered, Stormer rims, fat tyres, etc) - I can't take credit for any of...
  3. Exhaust manifold ring seal replacement: pics

    Engine & Gearbox
    2002 AJT 2.5TDi Caravelle, 300,000 miles on the clock. Recently replaced the exhaust front pipe to manifold seal - an interesting job so thought I'd put some pics up in case it helps anybody. I used the 'wedge' method as described in the Haynes manual, and it worked well for me, almost...
  4. Problem with MegaVan clips.

    Can any one help please? I've been using the Megavan clips to fit 3.6mm ply panels. They looked like this:- Nice snail shaped spiral make them easy to fit. I use a 10mm hole in the panel and they work fine. But the last batch I bought look like this:- Just a ruff quadrant cut out. Can't...
  5. 3 piece rear bumper removal and refit - help!

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi Need to remove one of the rear corners from my 95/96 velle, I have read lots of stuff on t'internet but cannot find anything about the push in clip that holds it on.... the one that is accessible once the rear door is open! How do you remove it?? I found one article that told me it is a...
  6. Roof Lining and foam recommendation

    Has anyone carpeted the roof lining ? (megavan mats) I've done this and now can't get the two plastic strips that run in the middle of the two roof liners and between the cab and rear. Is there a way of making them stay up ? or do i need to buy longer clips for the strips ? Also, for anyone...
  7. Help finding a part number please - vagcat link included

    In my van there are 3 sections of headlining. 1 at the front above the cab, and 2 in the rear. These are joined by 2 plastic cover strips. (#7H0868551A, and #30 in the image linked below). These are held in place by small black plastic clips that slide into the strips and contain a pin that...
  8. Covered my headlining in carpet - now strips keep popping off!

    There is probably an easy fix for this, but now I've covered my headlining in carpet, the strips are not clipping in. I can just get about half of the clips to lock, but they are popping out when I'm driving I: