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  1. Electrical
    Hi all, I’ve gone through many threads on here regarding this issue but can’t find the answer to my issue. Clock and mileage reset to 0 when ignition on. No other issues but have noticed that the fuel gauge and temp stay in position when ignition is off. After reading many threads on here...
  2. General Technical
    My girlfriend has an N reg caravelle, SWB, 1.9 straight diesel. Just a few niggley problems.. 1) Temp sensor doesn't work/is very tempermental.. 2) Fuel gauge is either showing completely full or empty. But the temp sensor & fuel gauge only work together, could it be a fuse or something? I like...
  3. Electrical
    Hey hope some one can help..... when ever i turn my engine off my radio, clock and trip meter all reset themselves, i have just bought this van and didn't do it when i first got it it wasn't until i took the old radio out to have a look at the back of it that it all started Rich
1-3 of 3 Results