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clock spring
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  1. Electrical
    My van has been off the road for nearly a month now and the ECU and cluster has been sent off for re-manufacture. In the process of my investigations I've had the steering wheel apart to discover that my air bag is a replacement and has not been connected for the duration of my ownership. This...
  2. Electrical
    I am not sure of the correct name for this part, it seems to be known as the the Airbag Slip Ring / Clock Spring or Squib ? Its VW Part Number 7D0 959 653. I have the common airbag fault VAG code 00588 which will clear then immediately return. Before I spend any money replacing the Airbag Slip...
  3. Electrical
    Hi everyone, My airbag light has recently come on (and stayed on) on my t4 (2.5 tdi, 53 plate). Plugged it into a mates vagcom, and it came up with the following error codes (which wont clear or turn the dash light off): Address 15: Airbags Labels: 1J0-909-60x-VW3.LBL Controller: 1J0...
1-3 of 3 Results