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  1. Alternative instrument cluster 1998 2.5l tdi

    I've been unable to find an instrument cluster with the same model number as mine. If I've understood right this wonderful post says there are (may be?) other models that will work. I'm not technical and don't understand what model numbers will work. Are there other T4 model numbers that will...
  2. Cluster problems... again...

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, i'm new to the forums, bought myself this lovely "rust bucket" about 3 months ago and have been spending all my time fixing the problems. but I've been avoiding this one because my wallet cant bear to see it I: None of the dials on my cluster work at all! I've tried re soldering all the...
  3. Digital clock and odometer just stopped again...

    Hi guys, we need your help because something weird just happend. We have a VW T4 (1997 caravelle) Karmann Colorado mobile home, and we bought this back in 2013. The digital odometer and clock displays didn't work back then. Last winter it was 5 months on 220 volts to have the battery's stay in...
  4. Non can blue clocks

    After a set of blue docks pls (the glow plug light should be within the speedo on the right, not in the Rev counter on the left. Please message me if u have any? Regards Dave
  5. T5 instrument cluster / speedometer change

    Hi there! I'm wondering if you could change the T5 speedometer to some else? Searching for a bit updated model, I guess the T5.1 speedo won't work on T5? Does someone know if there's some VW/Audi speedos which would fit for T5?
  6. Dead Dashboard

    Hi, So i just bit the bullet and forked out 2.5k on a refurb for my auto box and the mechanic tells me all the dash clocks have died (was ok before). He says they checked all of their work and had another mechanic look and the connections and gearbox sensor look to be ok. Its a '99 2.5TDI...
  7. MFA Goodness.

    MFA/FIS Goodness. After seeing a few threads on here, I think I'm going to push on with an MFA retrofit project. Now I already have the washer stalk from a mk3 golf and the outside temp sensor (the wiring part if that can't be that hard) and am looking a a few Golf/Bora clocks (ideally...
  8. Instrument cluster failure

    Hi folks, I have a 1991 2.4D AAB T4. The fuel gauge was only working intermittently (i.e. in between bumps in the road!), and a search of the forum told me that this was a common fault due to solder joints "drying out". An auto-electrician friend-of-a-friend did a 'homer' for me, and tried to...
  9. T4 speedo with rev counter

    After a T4 cluster with rev counter for my 1.9tdi conversion as the one I have at the m only has a speedometer and large analogue clock. If anybody has one for sale please PM me. thx D
  10. Vagcom adjustments?

    Clutching at straws here now. 05t5 t28. Speedo sits well below the zero when off and stays there when starting up. When moving seems to hold itself 10mph below my actual speed. Almost like it has started low and moves from the wrong zero. Had dials out n tried moving needle but always settles...
  11. T4 CLUSTER Blue Illumination Only is Out

    Good afternoon, I'm having issue with my T4 Cluster. The Blue LED's (ONLY Blue Lighning is dead) SPEEDO, RPM, TEMP and FUEL are working fine. The Needles are working fine and ligh ON red color as it supposed to do. I took another cluster from Passate B5, Jetta Mk4 in order to see if the...
  12. Pembrokeshire

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    does anyone know of a specialist in pembrokeshire that would know how to get my cluster working? thanks.
  13. Auto g'box display not working

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, Have a T4 2.5 TDI long nose LWB 1999 with auto box. The display in the blue instrument cluster that shows what gear you are in has packed up. When I start the vehicle and move from park to drive the display shows park for a fraction of a second and then I hear two clicks from the base of the...
  14. Clocks/Clusters/Dials/Dash Panels/etc

    Technical Articles
    Instruments/Clusters/Clocks/Dials/Dash Panels etc. whatever you care to call them. I prefer the term 'instrument cluster' as this to me most accurately describes what is in question – a clock is something that tells the time and usually hangs on the wall :):) This is a short overview of the...