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clutch pedal box

  1. New pedal box? :*

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey guys, So, lovin' our T4! But, have a slight issue, which I think should be an easy fix, and wondered if anyone else might have had the same issue. We went to the beach on Fri(along with the masses...sheesh.)and on the way I noticed that the clutch pedal was feeling 'different'. Had to...
  2. HOW TO - Remove and repair the pedal box, clutch

    Technical Articles
    Had problems with the clutch pedal for some time and the master cylinder bracket suddenly snapped off. This is the way I removed and repaired the pedal box. Not difficult, just fiddly. Removing the drivers seat (4 x 15mm nuts) improves access, as will removing the centre console. You will also...