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  1. Steering & Suspension
    I've been on the forum reading reviews and comments about coilovers for quite a while now and had more-or-less decided I wanted to purchase the CMC Platinum Kit for about £500, however, I can't seem to find them anymore. On Flea-bay they were advertised as: THE NEW EXCLUSIVE CMC/VMAXX T5/6...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Without ploughing through all the threads to find out, how much should I be expected to pay for a mechanic to fit coilovers? CMC coilovers supplied by myself to be fitted to a T26.
  3. General T4 Chat
    Had a Reimo multirail supplied and fitted to my Velle this morning by CMC Concept Multi car in Hythe. I highly recommend them as they did a cracking job and at a decent price as well (as far as the reimo rail pricing goes)! Friendly bunch who clearly love their Vw. Some seriously tasty looking...
  4. General T4 Chat
    Hi, I have found out the my side window has been fitted pretty badly by my van's previous owner! No outer and inner skin bonding and the glass is only fixed at the bottom and a bit of the side - surprised it has not fell out on the motorway. Anyway I live near CMC and I thought I might give...
  5. Interior
    I was wondering if anyone had the same problems, i have 2 new CMC swivel seat bases i fitted to my T4 with standard captains seats and they creak like mad, every time i accelarate, brake go round corners hit a bump... really annoying.. any idea on how to cure... I fitted them with the lock...
1-5 of 5 Results