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  1. Interior
    So I'm Midst conversion of my SWB and I need a slimline interior kit. I contacted EVO recently however due to the C19 they said there will be a long wait for any kits to be manufactured as is bespoke. I have access to a CNC router, could anyone help with getting any CAD files for flat pack...
  2. Interior
    Hi all, I have recently become the owner of a t4 800 special 1998 SWB with tailgate and passenger side sliding door. I'm looking to replace the ply lining in the back of it as it's not original and was done very roughly. Ideally I was wondering if anyone has dxf / CAD files for the original...
  3. Interior
    Unfortunately I've been let down on getting my units cut and wondered if there is anyone not too far away that could supply and cut two sheets of 8x4 15mm Birch ply from the dxf file I can supply which contains all the segments of furniture I need? Was looking to pay up to £150. Any help or...
1-3 of 3 Results