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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hi Has anyone on the forum any experience with registering a UK converted T5 in France? VW have told me that they cannot issue a CofC, necessary for obtaining a "Carte Grise", because the vehicle has been modified and without this I can see it becoming a nightmare road. At the moment there...
  2. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi, I am a new member and owner of a lovely VW T4 Westfalia California Coach bought in Italy. Since I live in UK I would like to register it here to be able to use it as a recreational vehicle but I do not know much about how to get this sorted. Does anybody know anything? In particular I was...
  3. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi, I am moving to France and want to take my Left Hand Drive 1995 T4 Multivan with me. It is UK registered but was originally registered in Germany. Because it is older than 1997 I dont think I can get a COC for it. Has anyone been through the process of importing a similar vehicle into...
  4. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I'm starting the process of importing my UK registered T4 into France. From a posting made by Craig some years ago, he advised using the service of VW Logistics, Wolfsburg. He suggested making contact using the web address: https//coc.vw-transport.de Tried this, but informed by my internet...
  5. T4 Articles & Information
    We've now embarked on the perilous route of registering our '98 Velle in France, a tiring task dealing with local bureaucracy :confused: Anyway to get the deed done we needed a Certificate of Conformity, stating that the T4 was up to the normal EU regs. After a quick look at the excellent French...
1-5 of 5 Results