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  1. Steering & Suspension
    Hi, second thread on this forum. We are mid busking tour in our T4 and heard a rattling under the van over bumps, thought it was the knives and forks in the back, pulled over to find the coil spring had snapped on the rear passenger side and was hanging off the spring. After looking on the forum...
  2. Wanted
    Hi folks. Looking for a pair of original t32 rear coil springs. I do a lot of towing so shorter or lighter ones are not really an option for me. Please just let me know if you have a set and we can take it from there Cheers.
  3. Electrical
    :eek: I would be interested to hear what people think about the location of the ignition coil. ('99 petrol 2.5) After two years of ownership and lots of troubleshooting I have established that the ignition coil gets wet when it rains and that causes difficulty in starting as well as...