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  1. General Technical
    Hi there, The internal heating in my 2005 T4 1.9TDI 800 Special - the fan works fine, and the air flow is good all round. However, only the side vents blow hot air, the footwell vents about half as hot and the central console vents blow freezing cold air (and I subsequently have to keep them...
  2. Interior
    hi there i have only had my van on the road a week but i have noticed with the very nice weather that my heaters blow cold from the center 3 the ones next to the windows are fine can anybody help?
  3. General T4 Chat
    Other than a glove has any one got a cure for the cold left hand syndrome I'm sure a lot of us suffer with?:confused: middle blowers only blow cold... daft idea!
  4. Interior
    I know it's been cold, but my blowers don't get warm at all... At best there not as cold as out side but no where near warm....any ideas ?
1-4 of 4 Results