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  1. Cold strat relay clicking

    During cold weather the first (and only the first) start of the day is sluggish like a low battery and a clicking noise from the dash (right of the steering wheel). If I keep the key turned to start it will eventually catch and start. If I turn the ignition off and try again it’ll turn over and...
  2. T4 1992 Multivan middle heater vents blowing cold!

    General Technical
    I have a problem! My central heater blowers are blowing stone cold and the side vents scorching hot! Go figure? Can anyone suggest a possible reason and a solution before I start dismantling the dash board etc. Thanks in advance from a frozen T4 driver...Adrian
  3. choke/cold start lever not working

    Engine & Gearbox
    After some help please. Just bought a 1991 2.4 5 cylinder diesel and I've noticed the choke lever doesn't seem to do any thing. When the engines running and u pull it in and out the revs don't change? Watching under the bonet as u pull it it is connected to the diesel pump and the lever does...
  4. Quick fix for cold left hadn syndrome? ?

    General T4 Chat
    Other than a glove has any one got a cure for the cold left hand syndrome I'm sure a lot of us suffer with?:confused: middle blowers only blow cold... daft idea!
  5. Eberspacher Location?

    Hello all, I've just bought a second hand Eberspacher D2 and i was wondering for you who have already have them in your T4 where you mounted them? I'm thinking possibly under the drivers seat as it would be close to my leisure battery. My van is already insulated and lined and i wouldn't like to...
  6. Advice hints and tips please for a cold start

    General T4 Chat
    Hi one and all, I'm after some hints and tips to help my van start up a little easier on a cold morning. It really did struggle to get going this morning as it was -14. Apparently its only going to get colder over the next month (Im in Germany) i really want to help combat this problem. Any...
  7. Cold Starting

    General Technical
    Hi all, have read the posts about cold starting but still none the wiser. I have a 1.9 (51) T4 that normally starts fine, other than the standard puff of white smoke. But when it's very cold out (this morning) she really struggles, even with the cold start lever pulled out. The engine turns...
  8. insulating Van for snowy conditions?

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi all :), I've jus bought an awesome T5 & I will be road tripping to the mountains in europe (in winter) so I kinda need it to be well insulated against the cold! does anyone have any suggestions on what to use, or if they have done the same thing?? thx T: i'll add before, during & after...
  9. Cold Start Lever Kaputt!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    May have been a little heavy handed with the cold start lever this morning... the plastic lever itself has broken around the thread (which I assume connects it to the cable). Does anyone know of anywhere I can get a replacement? perhaps even something a little more durable? anodised...
  10. Engine 'holds back' - more in cold weather

    Engine & Gearbox
    Recently (during the cold weather) I've found that when I get to about 65/70 the engine starts cutting back. I thought it could be a problem with a dirty air filter. However, now that the weather has warmed up the problem seems to have almost disappeared. The van's a 2001 T4 2.5 diesel (ex AA)...
  11. A big wave hello to you all...

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    A big hello to all of you in T4 land... :ILU: (unless you don't acknowledge us plebs without modded vans, of course (just been reading the to wave or not to wave thread - real eye-opener) - don't forget, some of you started just like us) Over in Hull so hi especially to any Yorkies out there...