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  1. Kombi/Camper Multi use

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    Hi, Just about to buy my 2nd Transporter, a T6, first one was T5 and thought best to chop it in as I live near central London for ULEZ. I'm hoping to make it multi-use - part work/part camping with a foldable bulkhead that turns into a bed supported patrtly by the rear seats when folded and...
  2. 4Motion - is it worth it?

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    Hi We are looking to buy a VW T5 2.5L base van for a basic van conversion and this will be our first van. We are looking to do a lot of miles travelling on holidays, e.g. Scottish mountains (we live in Devon) and throughout Europe. Our budget for the base van is around £9k. Not many 2.5L 4motion...
  3. Kombi Conversion Seating

    T5 Conversions
    If anyone is looking to convert their T5 to a combi, I have 2 rows (6 seats), fittings and belts available. Open to sensible offers? http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/141823904419
  4. t5 2.5 130hp caravelle coversion 65k miles

    What's it worth?
    Just testing the water.. Anyone have an opinion on what I should put my van up for? As above, it is a silver 07 model. 130hp. Full service history. Very clean with 65 thousand miles. I've fully insulated and carpeted her. Captains driver and confort passenger. Rear seats are tripple caravelle...
  5. T5 Combi - 4 motion - what might go BANG?

    General Van Chat
    Hi - I am looking for a wee bit of guidance - I have concluded I need (probably) a t5 - 2.5 SWB combi - circa 07 . Seen a few on various sites - some very tidy - most have good rear sound and thermal insulation (noise is a factor when motorway driving for me ) and one I have seen is a 4motion...
  6. T4 Conversion

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi All Im new on here and this is my first post, just got another T4 so starting a conversion this week, Will post some pics up when we get started, Got some Vanx triple seats going in, Swivel front captains seats and table between them, Small kitchen unit behind drivers seat and slide out bad...
  7. New T5.1 Bluemotion ordered, across the water

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi folks, Just to say thanks for all the infos, been very useful to mooch around on the forum and see what its like owning a T5... so probably should introduce myself. Have ordered a T5.1 GP or whatever you like to call it. Only we live in Belgium, so LHD, and its a version called Combi which...
  8. Tailgate Internal Trim?

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the plastic internal trim that fits on the inside of tailgate and most importantly around the main beam inside the van? I think this is a standard part on Carravlle's and Combi's but was hoping I could get one to fit my T5 panel van to save some awkward...