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  1. Topper for pop top bed

    T6 General Chat
    Any advice please? Just had first 2 nights in new T6 LWB - fabulous! Whilst SCA pop top bed has very thin foam mattress on top of solid base and is ok for few nights - has anyone added extra topper to ease older bones? If I add thicker topper/memory/foam - will it fit in closed up roof? Or...
  2. Daft question about coilovers and how they actually work

    Steering & Suspension
    Assuming a stock T30 van, with 17" steel wheels and std size tyres and a set of Bilstein B14 coilovers. With the Bilsteins set at their highest setting the van will sit approximately 40mm lower than I when it did when it was on std springs. According to all the reviews and comments the ride at...
  3. Bebb Bed Comfort help!! How do they compare?

    Anyone near High Wycombe have a BEBB seat fitted that we could take a look at? Whilst I know the major differences in the way a BEBB functions in caparison to a RIBB, you can't knock the ability to remove the BEBB and re-seat into the front KOMBI positions (or indeed remove from the van)...
  4. T5 Drivers Comfort seat

    Parts For Sale
    I have a drivers seat from a 2006 T5, it is the Comfort seat in the Inca pattern material with the height adjust and the lumbar support. It has a cigarette burn in the area at the front of the seat in between where your legs would sit and there is a 3 inch split in the right hand bolster down...
  5. comfort indicators

    Can anyone help with pin locations for fitting comfort indicators. I'm sure I have located 49L and 49R but 49A, 15 and 31 still allude me. Thanks